Thursday, December 22, 2011

what to do, what to do

woke up just over an hour ago here in my room, my $80 monthly internet bill is paid now, came due a week early, and soon ill have the $100 phone bill. but not for over another week. and i worry next month or so i wont have anywhere to stay once my 5 days at rio or ip are up. especially need to be out of jan the 2nd week of jan during the convention, theres no way to get anywhere to stay in any of the casino then. rooms at the IP are over $350 a nite then, even for diamond members.

will leave room soon, where should i play today? limit omaha at orleans? cannot afford any game bigger than bills, but that game isnt beatable here in vegas. in florida it probably would be. and $1-5 u cannot win much at all but u sure wont lose much and its in my comfort level. $600 a month isnt too bad, i was happiest when i had my apt in reno and couldve just stayed home. i only gave it up because i rented a place way too expensive and didnt really want to stay in reno. florida is altogether different.
what i mean is its somewhere i wouldnt mind staying since the game would go all 24 hours. unless of course i was playing at the dogtrack and then id just have to adjust my hours.

not sure how much to buyin if pokerdogg says $100 is enough, and thats all i can afford, guess thats what ill start doing. id really like to be doing ALL my playing downtown, but nowhere to stay there unless i pay for them in the 4 queens, and thats $250 a week, even with discounted rates thru my host, and theres still a certain machine at binions that tempts me so i wouldnt be away from them like id be in jacksonville.

yeah its scary being at $4100, never thought id see this day. but im still better off than some young guys first coming to vegas, some with somewhat less, and all without the diamond card. and some of them have made it. even though they waste money on clubs and i never do.

waiting til jan 5th, and praying for luck in the dec26 freeroll, after that i should get out of here (just to make sure i cant ever play a machine). shouldve done it when at $5800 and worried before i dropped the $1400 at the stratosphere. and i made some bad bluffs yesterday in poker in a desperate attempt to get unstuck, both at bills and rio because i was tired and wanted to go to my room.

$130 now on BCP. wish i could sell it to someone local for at least 85%

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