Saturday, January 14, 2012

$3800 roll to work with left. but ive got some good news.

the money i lost today was lost at POKER. not on machines, and although isnork seen me sitting at the VBJ machine, (in fact i even called him from it)I didnt lose any money on it. And id still be out playing but i feel tired tonight, i dont think i got enough sleep yesterday.

here are the hands as best as i remember. first hand takes place at the nugget, and i was up $30-40 before the hand started. i had 99 and called a raise to $10 preflop. 4 of us seen the flop. flop comes K96 with 2 clubs, and the original raiser checked. i bet $30 and he raised to $80 everyone else got out, i called. Q came on turn and he put me allin, i know im beat but i call, and the whole table including isnork said it was a good call. he had a set of kings.

the next hand i lost gavin smith got all my money. i called a raise preflop with A9 hearts. flop comes 8TJ with 2 clubs and we all checked. turn comes 7 spades putting 2 flush draws on board, when it got to me i bet $100 due to over $70 being in the pot preflop, and gavin raised me to $167 allin, and he also had same straight but turned it into the flush on the river. thats the hand that sent me to that machine, where i called isnork on the phone right after i sat and seen about 10 hands. asked him to come talk to me and he did.

later when i went back out to play after going to my room, i bought in at the nugget with $204 and lost it on a bad bluff attempt when i read a guys hand correctly (JJ) on a flop of a82, but he just wouldnt fold and my KQ lost. i raised him allin on the flop. after isnork busted out of the tourny we talked a while more and he took a cab back to his room at the IP. He was glad to hear id made that phone call, because he knows i needed it.

yeah thats the good news. i called the number pokerdogg wanted me too. they asked a ton of questions which took time and then gave me the number of ABC therapy in vegas at 702-598-2020 and i need to set up an appt to see someone. also they gave me the number of problem gambling center at 702-363-0290. supposedly these are who offeres 1-1 counseling instead of groups. i need to call them during daytime hours now.

i will ask them in person if i should move outside of vegas. And i still think Johnny cash is a great singer with a troubled life like mine, my dad loved and sang to his music when he played the guitar.. i wonder how my life wouldve been had i known him before he died. Had he not been committing that burglarly he wouldnt have died.

also if i took an apt near southpoint or redrock maybe it would keep me off machines. none of the VBJ ones are there and still some poker.

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