Monday, January 2, 2012

about to go to sleep

well today was a big day. and im tired. rolls up to about $5200 though. i knew id hit $5000 by new years, but id have never made it had i not gotten lucky a few times in todays tourney online. everyone should deposit money onto BCP and play, its not hard to win there.

seemed like a lot of people watching my online tourney. getting $425 for $0 buyin, and coming in 40th out of 1125 people isnt too bad. sure i mightve came in higher had i not shoved A3, and actually id been better off shoving 89, but i was down to about 6 BB and had to shove something fast. the pay table had just increased, and wouldnt increase again til it got all the way down to 27 players i dont think.

mostly i won because i got lucky with AK suited against AA, and with 44 against QK on a board of 9TJ when the turn and river came QK to tie.

soon as i busted out i was in a hurry to get seated at binions for the drawing. man was that a dumb idea. my 80 tickets were only about 2-3% of the tickets in the drum, i never got called, and i lost over $200 in the game. the whole table was full of nothing but local grinders who play all over.

and tomorrow ive got to check out of my room, im supposed to check into ballys for 5 days as soon as i wake up before noon.

the guy i wanted to sell my BCP to for 90c on the dollar dont have enough in the bank til he could deposit tues, so i ended up selling it to another guy at 85c on the dollar, and since he had no trading history, he had to send it to me on bankofamerica first. and then i shipped to him once it was confirmed that i received. only thing is it sometimes takes 9 hours or more to transfer, and ill be asleep long before he receives it, hope hes patient and dont think im ripping him off. its showing as pending in my history.

and as soon as i lost that money at binions, i left the poker room pissed off after the last drawing, sat at a machine, and kept playing til id won back almost all of it. then left. and later tonite i had to make 1 final trip there to run through the free play. started the day with only about $4800 though, so i still had a good day overall. but i only gained like $200 additional, instead of the $300 i shouldve gained selling BCP at a discount, i was gonna gain the freeplay anyway. But i do have more on BCP so i gained that way too, cause i didnt sell all of it. i was broke on BCP right when i entered the $100k

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