Friday, January 20, 2012

again a 2nd post in one day.

first, the results of the hand posted earlier this afternoon. if u remember, i had 67 of spades bet $15 on a flop of 893 with 2 spades, and 10 hit the turn and 2 players shoved, a small stack and a big stack.

it was $220 to me to call and he had not much less than i did. and i thought about it and deciced to FOLD. good fold, one guy never showed and the other guy had the nut straight and won, and id have missed the flush.

but i left to post the blog entry right after that.

am in my room eating food from the whopper bar in the far corner of the other side of the casino, and am just sitting around $5600. the below will talk about the hand that reduced my win in the rio that was once at $122 all the way down to $25, some of which id lost before this hand.

i had KK and limped under the gun. Ken the rich guy who always brags about how well off he is, with the glasses, was sitting to my immediate right in the BB. i was hoping someone would raise, but no one did and 5-6 of us seen the flop. (and had i raised, id just ended up losing alot more). flop comes up QT2 and Ken bets $11. i only call, and hope for people to start folding. everyone else does thank God. turn comes 4, and that puts 2 possible clubs on the board. again he bets $20 and i only call, worried he will come over the top and is able to know my exact hand. (turns out he had the AQ clubs and nothing wouldve got him off it there, so i saved money). river comes 6 of clubs and he seems to be thinking of betting BIG dammit. and finally only bets $25. (whew). i call and hes backdoored the nut flush, but i got off losing the absolute minimum the way i played it so im rather proud of myself.

so then i leave $25 ahead, go to buy food to take to my room, and get a little nervous in the elevator when its just me and a young mexican guy and he starts asking me how im doing and if things are going good. i have quite a bit of cash in my pocket so i start to wonder if im about to get robbed. i say id rather not talk about it (hoping he will think that im broke), he seems offended says sometimes people care and luckily exits on his floor, which is lower than mine. I get uncomfortable with small talk due to my autism and fears and would rather not be talked to except for the things that really matter, such as how to play various poker hands correctly. thats pretty much all thats worth talking about in a casino.

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