Wednesday, January 4, 2012

at last, a small win at ballys

back to a little less than $4900, but ive sure got a long ways to go. won just over $150 downstairs this afternoon at ballys and left. i guess it helped that i bought in for $200 instead of less. some of u might not believe this, but i find it hard to play when shortstacked, and i think playing too shortstacked is what kept me so broke for so many years.

and im starving to death for food. they really need to get a cheap burger place here in ballys. i dont care much for the food in the diamond lounge. i love staying downtown so much better because i get such better deals on food, even though theres no diamond lounge. i went over to bills, instead of going to eat, played for a short time, but left because a woman on myyearbook was willing to come hang out when she gets off work. i figured i needed to get out of there and take a shower just to be safe, and i knew my breath might be bad cause i think the old man regular at bills moved because he thought it was. i normally carry around listerene strips because those are the only things that work, but it turned out the last pack i had in my pocket today was empty and i didnt realize that til i was seated.

so i was relieved to find out i had enough comp dollars at bills again to get 2 packs in the gift shop there, and 1 candy bar (all ive had to eat) and then i walked to my room at ballys to take a shower. and now im waiting for this girl to call me, and then ill go to the diamond lounge at Paris with her. she seems nonjudgemental and i told her how lousy my life is and how little money i have.

and i may have even less money, i dont know if this months tmobile bill has been auto taken out of my bank account yet. its gonna take a very long time before im ever a little less stressed over money again.

and brecksgoat did u outperform me in that mtt and how much did u win?

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