Friday, January 27, 2012

back over $6000

am relaxing in my room at circus, will be playing at the riviera later, won $151 in the IP early this morning after i woke up and checked out of my room. on monday ill be staying at ballys free for 4 nites.

heres a certain hand that happened this morning at the IP, i won the hand, but feel i lost value and played it badly.

i had aa, and bought in for the minimum $60 due to the $100 payback for losing with aa, and i wanted to get full value out of the promotion. and id been slowly winning, and had just over $100 at the start of the following hand.

this one black guy with about $750 in front of him in the middle of the table, (i was in the 8 seat) he makes it $6 preflop, and im not sure whether i should reraise him or not due to the $100 promo if the aces lose. how would anyone with experience playing in this type of promo play here? anyway i just called, and 5 of us seen the flop. (i wouldnt mind a 5way double up or my $100 back). flop comes up T95 with 2 to a flush. he bets i think $20 (not sure, and instead of raising, i only call, one other guy called behind me.) turn comes K. now the other guy bets $40, original bettor calls, and i worry im beat and want to lose the min. (although common sense shouldve told me theyd make me put in my remaining $45 on the river). i think where i played it really bad was by not raising the turn, one guy had top pair and flush draw, and the other guy also turned top pair and gutshot draw. river pairs the 9 and then they both check. so i changed my assessment that i was beat, and suddenly thought i was good and decided to bet allin and hope for a call that didnt beat me. (the pot was much more than the $100). neither guy called. which is surprising considering the hands they both had.

havent been playing any machines since seeing the counselor, last nite i was basically just hanging out at bills, and won about $80 overall for the day. also vince drove me to the bank and i deposited moms check, also ive received my money from google. moms check was for $100, it was the $80 she had me give her on facebook for farmtown about 5 days ago, and the extra $20 was for my upcoming birthday, along with the $5 shed gave me earlier. plus i deposited $700 cash in the bank too.

while playing at bills last nite, diane called and asked if she could hang out and watch me. she sat there a few hours and also played herself with her own money. remember the woman from myyearbook who i met in the paris diamond lounge? she bought in $20 played an hour and eventually cashed out $18. then she drove me to the wendys on tropicana to grab food and then dropped me off in the back of the IP near my room.

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