Sunday, January 15, 2012

couple of hands, am i playing bad or good? vook didnt mind the play

my chips are on the table at the nugget and i ran to my room a minute. im in for $301, the original $200 buyin and the odd $101 left over in my pocket once i lost.

i lost a hand with Q6 clubs in the BB, flop comes QT8 with 2 clubs. and heres where i made a mistake and let the pot get too big. i check, and a guy on the button bets $5. i make it $16 and i should NOT have done that since im first to act. he bets $50, i call, planning to fold turn if i dont help. turn comes 6, giving me 2 pair, i check he shoves, i call my last $50-90 i had, and miss everything and he has straight.

the other hand, i had A3 clubs and the flop comes T93 with 2 clubs. guy bets $10, 2 guys call. i shove my $65 as a semi bluff hoping all fold, but still a decent hand about 40% equity if they dont, and if i get 2 calls im +ev. one guy calls and i miss everything. thats the hand vook said i didnt play bad, and he wasnt paying attn the other hand.

vook is planning to make sure i play no machines and stake me in a tourny.
update from room. i busted out of the tourney with JJ, against KK, and we both had 14 BB left, in fact no one had very many BB at all. it was anyones tourny. he made a raise to $5000 from $2000, and since a hand sooner he was glad no one called his raise, i shoved the JJ and vook agreed it was the right play. my table had 5 players, and vooks had 6.

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