Saturday, January 7, 2012

finally off the strip for the week

got checked into my room at the 4 queens, wish i could just stay downtown all the time. managed to get the first 3 nights free, and the other 3 days ill have to pay the casino rate of $24 weekdays and $52 weekends. am in my room playing a $20 sng DON while im waiting on my fridge.

ill just do all my poker playing at either binions or the golden nugget for the next few days, and i havent been around any machines yesterday or today. won $74 yesterday, $9 of it at bills, and $49 in $1-2 NL at osheas, and $16 in $2-6 spread limit at osheas. the $2-6 is usually a very tough game due to a lot of local rocks in it most of the time, and a very high rake. i hope vegas casinos dont all start going to $2 jackpot drop too many places have this outside vegas.

still holding onto a roll of about $4300 but its closer to $4400 now with a small win yesterday. i know the $2-6 game in laughlin is even worse for action, and i have no idea but am wondering if southpoints and texas stations $2-6 game is better for action?

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