Monday, January 23, 2012

good news and bad news

packing up to leave and check out of the riviera. i got stuck $200 in the game, walked off pissed, and decided to go pick up my free play at the wynn, was winning over $150 and had most of the loss back, but ended up losing it all back and $365 additional. all because the max bet on the machine is $350. (7 hands of $50 each). should never bet $50 a hand on a machine that pays even money, just didnt feel like getting up, im sure a lot of my losses came from only getting even money on so many BJ hands.

yes im dumb. and i walked back to the riv and im in my room checking out and packing my things to go check into the IP.

rolls down to $4900 once my room charges here are finalized.

ok the bad news is out of the way, now for the good news. rachel finally called me back, and set up an appt for tomorrow at unlv, in the carlston building at 1pm room 237.

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