Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hey dont miss the earlier blog post, as usual, 2 posts in 1 day

my chips are on the table downstairs at the IP and as far as i know Eric King isnt playing. ran to my room for a minute to post the following hand:

i had AQ, and i had been considering going elsewhere, because it was one of the tightest games id seen at the IP in some time. i was under the gun, out close to $50, and decided to make it $5. i hate getting my good hands in that spot. 5 people called. flop comes Q35 with 2 diamonds, and i have the Q of diamonds. guy in the BB bets $11. i make it $30 hoping for all to fold. everyone folds to the original bettor, and he goes allin for about $80 more. I have him covered. Now earlier, this player folded QK on a board Q high with 3 spades on board, turn card was Q of spades, he bets $11,another guy bets $25 and he FOLDS and shows QK. and the other guy showed 2 pair. should i call his bet or fold in this spot? and ill tell u later what happened, and now i need to get back to my seat.

also i didnt notice til after id been sitting at the table over 30 minutes my shirt was wrongside out with the wording backwards, and no one ever said a word. fixing it now.

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