Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hey pokerdogg, im going to need ur help after all in finding a therapist with that number. the one i called said unless u have insurance that covers it they are not free, and that id need to bring in $100 to talk to a counselor, and dont know why i was referred to them. the 800 number is a nationwide number, not specific for las vegas.

and the 2nd vegas number lets u talk to a counselor the frist time, but after that they want u to be part of a group setting, and insists the group setting is critical to success.

now ive got chips on the table at the rio, and i hope im not picked up, but i ran to my room because i felt like i needed a shower, and also to post the hand quickly before i forgot.

I bought in for $200, which is now at $427. started the day with a roll of $5100. the game was pretty tight and i got down about $40 early on with a bad call with AJ preflop when a guy made a raise. even the rocks at the table were talking about what a bad game it was, and one guy said he was going to the bellagio. the only thing that slightly loosened up the game and made it better was a young guy who always would straddle, and that pissed off one of the older rocks, who moved to the new table when it opened. So pretty soon this hand comes up, and i count my chips on the end of the hand, and i have $427. after tipping the dealer $4 (the 2 blue chips).

the asian whose on my right raises to $10 preflop, and i call the $10. the new guy with a suit and tie whose young (not the straddler whose in the 4 seat but the guy in the 1 seat) makes it $25. he has about $200 or so. the straddler folds (this wasnt his straddle hand), and a new guy whose asian and dont have many chips calls. (the game had got some new players after some rocks left). and the original raiser got out, who i think is a good player, he was the biggest stack, and i wasnt about to reraise him with my AK. but now the actions back on me.

i stand up, talk about how i want to leave the game anyway (all in the hopes of convincing everyone i called utg with aa) and say im allin, and i dont think anyone has the guts to call me, and if they fold ill show my pair of 4s. i want all of them to fold of course, or only call with AQ instead of with a pair. the guy in the suit and tie calls rather fast, the short stack calls for a massive side pot. flop comes 45J with 3 diamonds, i do not have any diamonds. turn pairs the board, and river is 9 of diamonds for a 4th diamond. i feel i have no shot.

the first guy to turn over was the guy with the suit, (although he didnt need to). he showed nothing but QK, no diamond, shocked he called, and i was relieved to find out i was getting the side pot. then the asian guy turns over AQ no diamond. so i scooped the entire pot. and thats why i dont want to be picked up the 40 minutes i might be up in my room typing this post.

(i dont think anyone who reads my blog was at this table), but i talked in detail after the hand about how i wouldve lost all kind of value and had to fold after the flop if i wouldnt have shoved allin preflop with the AK, and then discussed how dumb i thought many are for saying thats a bad move preflop. waited for the blind to get back to me to run upstairs and now im ready to go back before im picked up.

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