Saturday, January 28, 2012

highest roll ive had in a while

relaxing online in my room with a $6300 roll. will probably go back over to the riv and get more time in later, even though i now have the minimum number of hours in. But its the only place to play within walking distance.

here was a scary call i had to make earlier. i had 10 10 and called a raise to $10 preflop by a loose player on my immediate right after many limps. (i even thought about reraising, i was under the gun). flop comes out JT2, all different suits. he bets $15, and since its a rainbow board, i decide to just call, although that might not be best since it allows straight draws cheaper shots. the guys behind me folded anyway, except for one on my immediate left. turn comes A, not the card im looking for. i worry it might give the guy on my left a staright. same guy on my right comes out betting $50 this time so now i gotta worry about him too. so i just call (was that a mistake?) and the guy on my left folds. nice. now the river comes out Q man what an awful card, putting 4 to the straight on board. and now the guy on my right, young black guy whose loose and with a couple of friends and on his 3rd $100 rebuy, bets allin for about $150 more. to me this is a tough call and not an easy decision. i show him my hand and finally call cause he dont seem to be happy to see what i have. turns out i do have the winner, he had AT.

he also lost a big pot calling with AT earlier preflop when i had AK for his entire stack of almost $100.

and then later i left when i gave back $80 of my win, there was 1-2 guys i feared with plenty of chips.

and how i avoid getting check raised every time i miss the flop, and continuation bet? arent i supposed to do that HU? for example, i had AQ, raised preflop, got 1 caller who i had position on. flop misses me K89. he checks, i bet, and then he check raises and i fold, he shows KJ. i am wondering if most players feel im playing too weak if i just check along if i miss. another player whose played daily for years and is a rock advises it, but i fear ive been told by most young good players online thats a bad way to play.

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