Saturday, January 14, 2012

how many believe in Chris Fergusons advice?

am relaxing in my room, eating a salad id put in my fridge the day before, and playing low stakes sngs online. congratualations to Josie who did very well in her tourny while i was playing in the nugget. and NO, i have not touched any machines today. and of course, im also charging up my phone. (i also like to quit a game when its about to not work anymore).

Games loose and the action good as always downtown. usually my wins or losses are a little more here. I bought in for $200, and started off slowly, but was never stuck very much. i got very lucky on 1 hand, a talented regular who i always known had very little money (but today confided hes ran his roll up to 20k) I seen him make a very bad call the other day for a large amount preflop with AQ against a guy with AK--and today he told me hed been thinking about what an awful call it was. anyway i was the BB and he makes it $5 preflop on my immediate left. theres like 2 callers, and look down to find KK. i tell him not to make any more bad shoves with AQ (he always shortbuyins in of $100) and i raise it to $40 in my BB. he shoves the $100, one other guy calls whose only has about $45, and i worry but call. turns out they BOTH have QQ and we all 3 flip our cards up. i didnt have much to worry about fading, and my hand holds up and he leaves the game. also won a few other pots ive forgotten and i move tables for awhile, and eventually leave.

do most of u believe in Chris Fergusons bankroll money management advice? he says to buyin for no more than 5% of ur roll max, and to leave when u have more than 10% of ur money on the table, and i certainly did. i usually however keep playing til i give back about 1% of my roll, but tonite i didnt feel like it. not worth risking turning a $200 plus win into a $200 plus loss.

at least now im back over $4000 again.

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