Monday, January 9, 2012

im pretty dumb when it comes to understanding sports bets.

i must of not understood how to read the score, but i won both bets on the basketball games, but i was thinking both bets lost. and i wasnt even sure if they were played, they write what i guess might be the final scores on the wall?

and it does look like im winning the alabama bet too. thank God.

needed that, cause i sat in the nugget $1-2 NL game a while ago and lost $132 and left it pissed off. too many straddlers at the table and the only guys who like to straddle are rich assholes with alot of money who think theyre better than anyone else. the solid players, the nits, who are grinding the game for a living, seldom straddle, and im one who seldom straddles. the straddle only makes sense if u are very deepstacked, on the button, and the games very shorthanded, and u have a large roll.

anyway at the nugget, i have KK and an asian guy calls my raise to $15 preflop, along with 2 others. flop comes Q37 with 2 spades, and im first to act, and i shoved allin for about $80. the guy on my right calls, who i thought was holding a queen (turns out i read him right) he had Q9, and the asian guy called too. he ends up making a flush and winning with T5 spades (whyd he call preflop) but he didnt quite have me covered so i got to play a little while longer off a small side pot.

another hand i raised to $12 with AQ, and only the straddler called. i had $28 left and shoved the flop of 862. (no one would recommend check folding the flop would u?) if so please explain why and have the 3 most respected people on this forum agree with u. and he called and won with 69.

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