Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in my room at ballys eating

i just grabbed me a sandwich in the giftshop as usual, the diamond lounge is a terrible long walk to paris and u cannot eat it in ur room, and they really need a cheap place in here such as a burger king or mc donalds like a few other casinos have. and of course, while im in my room, im playing double or nothing sngs online.

yesterday wasnt a good day, but i was too tired to post last nite twice, id already sent Josie an offline yahoo IM telling her about how it went at the rio last nite, and i didnt feel like having to retype it all over twice since im lazy.

odd ive never borthered to go play in sandiego all the times i went to cali in the past, but it was cause i worried they were far out from the cheap motels intead of being 1 mile away like the $315 a week i pay not far from commerce.

am just barely back over $5000 again after todays $148 win. i bought in for $148 and at one point had $326 but left with $296. the game was fairly loose, and a few big stacks who surprisingly didnt seem to be the good players as is usually the case. goal is to be over $6000 by Feb 1. thats when ill start to feel more comfortable again. and maybe feel better about $200 buyins again.

one hand i remember, i had JQ and the flop was JJ5. i think i was first to act, in the BB or SB. and i bet $5 outright, no need to slowplay with a possible flush draw out there. a big stack called. turn comes 8, i bet $25 (slightly more than the pot) he calls. river comes 7 and i check to induce a bluff if he has a busted draw and to save money if im beat. he bets $25 and i call and all he has is a 5.

and im sure after i eat, post, and play a few sngs ill be back out tonite. im watching the iowa caucus, hoping for good results by either bachmann or perry, and remembering back when i sat in a barn in 1992 in iowa for about 2 hours in cold weather with a few hundred people. it takes a while and i was a registered voter then.

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