Sunday, January 8, 2012

in my room for one brief second, chips still on the table at the golden nugget

sitting at the table with richard Valdez, and the guy who was sitting next to alaskagal last nite for most of the night at table 11. and theres a bunch of people here, every table is full. not for the porn convention as i thought, but for some moose lodge poker event going on tomorrow i think at the nugget.

and im in for $300, original buyin was $100, lost it quickly, and now my $200 rebuy is sitting at $242 and my money is still on the table. ran to my room to use the bathroom and to make this post. so im hurrying.

here is the hand that really pissed me off, and also i was already feeling down because i had to do my mom a favor costing me $55, and ill have to wait for her to reimburse me. why cant she have her own credit or debit card? Josie talked me into doing it for my mom, because i didnt really want to.

i have AQ and make a raise preflop to $11. 3 people call. the flop comes 8TQ. i bet $35. and one guy calls. turn comes 7. i shove for about $55 allin, and he calls and i worry im beat. turns out he has QJ. and of course he rivers the J. there is NOTHING i couldve done that wouldve got him to lay it down, and all the money went in when i had the best of it. and the guy from BCP i just cant get him to come downtown for such a low amount i think is why. gonna be tough selling this to recover some cash. and now i must return to the game. but ill see ur replies from my cell at the table

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