Thursday, January 12, 2012

in my room a second

my $306 in chips is still on the table, the games pretty wild, i bought in $274 which was what was left with the $803 i woke up with today before i dropped a ton in the VBJ at binions after coming back with vince from eating at the lucky club. (was picking up free play). theres a lot of wild bluffing going on, and im walking right back over, at one point i was down to $200, and i was up to $344 once too.

i dont think ive ever lost anywhere near $500 plus getting my 300 points at binions before ($2400 coinin) sometimes i actually even come out ahead. met a game at the tables from toronto who says he reads my blog. said his name was steve.

seriously if i left vegas, id not have free rooms, but so? im not gonna be having free rooms anyway. look at almost $1000 or so id have saved on machines had i left vegas a couple weeks ago. rolls about $4100 and if i lose this last $300 on the table, rolls only gonna be $3800. its not good. im gonna play a long time til i either recover a chunk of go broke.

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