Sunday, January 29, 2012

in my room watching TV, u need to watch this same documentary

im back to $6500, won over $159 in the poker game before the freeroll, and then made $240 in the freeroll, lost back some of it in the cash game after the freeroll, and then went and deposited $80 of it on BCP. making my new roll at exactly $6500 even. first time ive been near that high in a long time.

did anyone ever watch the msnbc documentary tonite about underage prostitution? ive been watching it for the past hour and its still going. talking about pimps and how these girls are forced into doing these things, and how often they are advertised in ads ive seen before on etc.

i wonder if i got lucky i didnt get shot one day in 2003. when i was homeless down in florida back then, and lost my ID at the miami airport after i got off the amtrak, and eventually turned my $600 into $1300 and got a new ID made in louisiana, and when i was renting a room from a guy who worked at the copa casino in gulfport. for $75 a week in his trailer. anyway one night i met this woman who claimed to be 28, but who knows she couldve been lying to me. she seemed affectionate and needing money, and gave me a good kiss, and had no ID to prove her age and go in the casino. the guy who rented me the room wouldnt let her come over and hang out with me, and i was going into louisiana the next day to make a new id anyway.. so i managed to get both her and me on the bus to new orleans for $20 or less, and got a room there somehow, dont remember how and she and i hung out in the room, and she didnt ask me for any money, and i didnt dare let her know about the $1300 i had on me. she told me she wanted to have sex with me as soon as she got to the room, but once in the room she didnt seem too into it. anyway later when i was going to pick up the ID, she went up the street to buy something, and i seen her getting in a guys car, we had been in an arguement as to what i was gonna do for a place to stay. the guy was an older black guy, in his 50s and he claimed he had a gun, and for me to stay away from the girl and she didnt want nothing to do with me and he drove off. i never heard anything from the girl ever again.

also, i am worried about Britni. Britni looks so much younger than 30, and she was in college when i went to portland taking classes. what if Britni is lying about her age, and she is only 18-20? she looks extra young and very small. i find it odd how she travels so much, and never understood why she never seemed to want me to wire money, and i wondered if it was she didnt want me to find out her real name. she also never got a netspend card, yet seemed to still need money for medical bills and unexplained reasons such as owing it to people.

see i want to be able to take care of someone and see that they are ok. to rescue someone and look after them and take care of them, the way a man is supposed to do. want to know someone appreciates all i am doing for them, and to love me, and want to marry me and spend a life with me. and to see how much nicer and better i can treat them than anyone else. i feel like i do because i wouldnt make a woman go to work like other guys do, and i wouldnt be out fooling around on them with other women like other guys are.

how can any compassionate and thinking person with intelligence listen to this documentary on msnbc, about underage girls forced into prostitution by all these black pimps see the actual photographs of all these black pimps and see how they brutally violate their victims and make them terrified to leave or their entire family will be killed, and to even tell their family. how can anyone see this documentary, and still think black men and white female relationships are ok, when there is nothing but violence, rape fear and intimidation on the part of the black men, and nothing but total fear and terror on the part of the white woman if she dont go along? how can anyone listen to this documentary and still think that whites and blacks are equal in their morals, value systems and ethics? dont u have any care, compassion, for these victims and thier families? i read books as a kid about kids in trouble in NYC who were rescued from prostitution by all the good Christian men like David Wilkerson, whose started a lot of teen challenge programs for troubled youth.

people who buyin to the liberal lie being told by all the communist college prorofessors and teachers in the education system, who are the causes of these problems, who teach that there is no God, and form unions, those are who the people who need to be eliminated when the tea party comes to power. anyone who loves this country, cares about the welfare and future of america, and the plight of these young women would agree with me. no person would ever vote democratic after listening to this documentary, unless they were extremely mentally ill. u guys really should listen to the documentary and then u will see whats really going on out on the streets then u will take the blinders off ur eyes and stop believing all the liberal bullcrap.

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