Thursday, January 12, 2012

in room relaxing, not too bad a day.

rolls back up to the $4800s. no machine again for the 3rd day. (according to Josie, the free play doesnt count). but ive still only got $9 on BCP. almost out of food in this room too, and not sure if ive got enough comp dollars for all the room charges if i renew my room 3 more nites over the weekend like i asked my host to do til my 16th checkin at the rio for 4 nites free. i might be short and have to pay a little cash and i havent done that in a long time. Yes, im not playing machines, and am running out. my harrahs card is tightening up too shouldve booked up weeks ahead of time.

looked at the roulette machine at binions, min bet $3. yes u can bet 25c chips but u sure cant bet ONLY 25c. id be up a little more had i not had to pay $80 today for online net access instead of the jan 20th. used too much net this month, and last month i used to much bill was also due about 9 days earlier. wish verizon had unlimited usage. of course, i have no intention of ever playing the roulette machine.

i used a little table selection table seattle irish would be proud of. i moved over to where the moose lodge guys from last night were playing when they started a new table. ended up leaving binions $91 ahead. as usual, ive forgotten the hands from early on that got me ahead, at one point i was up $147. i did think i tried one bluff i shouldnt, and seattle irish sent me a text message warning me to be careful bluffing these guys. flop was JT2 and i had qk and raised it to $20 from $10. turn comes 5, missing all my outs, and he checks and i take the free card. river comes T. he checks i bet $35 and he calls with J2. should i have known better?

i am glad that tourism and the game has picked up slightly starting with the new year but it might not last long.

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