Monday, January 30, 2012

ive got some bad news

my rolls down to $5200 from $6500. i lost $465 at the riviera tonite, in a good action game, but i was way too impatient to get a hand, and i called down on 3 streets with A8 suited against a guy who flopped 2 pair with AK. i knew i was getting too tired, and too much on tilt, so i went over to slots of fun, and almost won back all of the money on the VBJ machine at slotsoffun.

then i got into a shoe with a huge plus count, deep into the shoe, got all the way up over plus 20 for a couple hands, and i kept raising my bets but i wasnt martingaling i was betting totally based on the count. and i got within $75 of being unstuck, then started losing horribly, and ended up losing $768 of the $769 i walked in there with after walking out of the riviera.

now i need to sleep, and im also supposed to move my room around noon or so into ballys for 4 days. and i need to find out what day my appt is so i know if tomorrows the day im supposed to come in, i think it is. But i dont see why i should remain in vegas. ive proved i can win money at poker anywhere, but i need to be where thats ALL i can play. had i went to florida about 2 months ago, i think id be about $2000 better off right now from what id have saved playing the machines.

please watch the following video and u will better understand where im coming from in a lot of my beliefs about the decline of america. take the 45 minutes to listen to her speak to completion. she is a lebanese Christian who was in a hospital for 2 months whose home was destroyed by muslim terrorists in the lebanese civil war who speaks out against political correctness and hatred and intolerance of others, all of which i practice and cannot understand why americans today do not. People nowdays in the USA are taught from birth, in their schools and in the churches, that the white race is the devil and is to hated and opposed at all costs. and they teach the same hatred of the nation of israel and the jews. i dont see any difference between being a member of the democratic party and Hitlers Nazi party, their world value system is exactly the same.

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