Thursday, January 5, 2012

lot of poker content today

before i respond to any comments anyone else made as i usually do, first im gonna type the blog post cause it will be very long and i want to do it before i forget any more of the hands.

im down to another low of $4200, ill never get my roll back now. lost $589, and all of it was at poker.

hopefully these 2 guys on 2+2 i was playing with, and gave my blog link to, will come on here and post, they said they didnt think i was playing badly.

first i met vince, and he returned my old coat id given him last summer, and gave me the shoes hed got me for Christmas. i thanked him and they fit really well and were comfortable, usually sneakers have to be worn into. so i guess im wearing sneakers now. we threw the old shoes away.

now for these hands that i took all these bad beats on, as many as i can remember. first buyin was $100 (it was a middle seat so i didnt want to buyin too much) managed to get a table change to their table, added $89 i had in odd money, and then lost it when i made a raise preflop to $10 with AQ. flop comes Q88 and i had 3 callers behind. i felt like i should bet, so i bet $40 and got 1 caller, the guy from 2+2. (the one who said in the 2+2 thread that i seemed like a nice guy)

id already lost most of my stack before this, and i had only about $75 left i think after betting the flop. and i knew if he had an 8 hed bet anyway. the other guy from 2+2 had folded an 8 also, so i figured i might as well bet in case he had a Q with a lower kicker. he calls with 89 suited. surely im not supposed to just check/fold AQ there? if u do think that, u are playing results, the same thing u tell me NOT to do.

so i immediately rebuy for $200 and on the very next hand, before my chips are brought to me, i have aa. the guys friend whod folded the 8J preflop the hand before raises to $22 and i knew he had a good sized pocket pair, and i shoved allin hoping for it to look like a bluff and get a call. i wouldnt been stupid enough to want a call if he had a hand like 89 suited, but i was pretty sure he had far worse hand. he calls with QQ we both flip, (i was worried he wouldnt, lots of people refuse) but he was willing to both turn over now. flop comes Aj4 and im feeling pretty good. then the turn and river come runner runner club club to give him a flush with his Q.

so now i cannot afford to rebuy near as much anymore, after already being in the hole $389. so i rebought only $100, and proceed to lose it twice more before leaving to go to my room and post down $589. and i saved the link to my online blog on one of the guys cell phone. and i was still taking and losing the rest of the money on bad beats, i dont think these guys will find a single hand i played like a donkey.

for example on the final $100 i was down to the last $38 and went allin over the $5 straddle and one call with AJ and everyone folded to the one caller, (who was one of the 2+2 guys) and he said do u want me to call and i said NO not as bad as my lucks running. he calls with 46 of hearts preflop and thats the hand that finally busted me.

also one asian guy also beat me when i had aa for part of the last 2 $100 buyins. the flop was T95 and i had bet about half my stack on the flop and he check raised allin. the guys from 2+2 felt i had to call, and the guy had TTT.

question is i will later today leave my room to go play somewhere. where and what should i play? i no longer have any idea at all what to do, staying away from machines does not seem to be helping at all.

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