Tuesday, January 17, 2012

lots of news

this will take a while to type, and Vook is going to be making a blog entry for me in about 24 hours from now about a very interesting hand i played at southpoint, because hes so much better on the details and his insight about how i played the hand. Him and i spent a lot of time together today, and I wish he could hang out with me and go over the poker we played everyday. thats how u learn and get poker at poker, u share hand histories with those whose views u respect.

the day started with Vook coming over to my room at the 4 Queens to take me over to the rio to save me a cab fare. (his idea, not mine). So we checked out, and i got my host to pick up enough of my bill to where i still have $100 in comp dollars left over at binions i didnt know id have. grabbed some food on the way to the rio, checked in, Vook thought the rooms at the Rio are really nice. And diamond rooms contain free refridgerators unlike the IP. So as soon as i left my stuff in the room, we left to go to the "M" since i never get to go there unless im in a car.

we played for about 90 minutes, and i didnt get much worth playing, nor do i remember any hands, vook won a little, and i lost $16. and then we left to go to Southpoint. we played about 90 minutes there too, and there is an interesting hand from there vook is gonna post once hes home and has had plenty of sleep. vook ended up losing a small amount, and I ended up winning $71. and then we left for him to head back to his room at the IP and pack up, and to drop me off on the strip to play poker.

I seen no game in Osheas, so i walked into the IP and got seated immediately, and bought in for $200. started winning a lot of pots early on, and i think i was up to $1000 plus in less than 2 hours. the main reason i didnt leave was no one at the table came anywhere close to having me covered, most anyone else had was around $400. the most i had was $1237, and i left the game with $1026 on the table. I caught myself starting to make a few bad plays at the end, and i was trying to be sure i didnt miss the last shuttle back to the rio. here are some hands as best as i can recall.

first big pot i won, i had 22, limped in early position to see the flop (which ive not been doing much of lately) and sure enough a guy raised to $10. i call (which i couldnt if id bought in $100 instead of $200) and the flop comes 727. i think 4 of us looked at the flop. i check, and the preflop raiser bets $25 and only i call. (there is a flush draw possible). 9 comes on the turn, no flush, and i bet $80 with about the same behind. he thinks, then calls, and i was worried he would fold, and also worried a 7 would hit the river and ruin my canoe. river comes 8 and i think for a while because im worried if i bet too fast he will fold. i bet allin and he calls and sure enough, he showed an overpair and i won.

then another hand a new guy sits down who looks like Charles Manson from Europe, he straddles, and I raise his straddle to $30 and ask him if he protects his straddle. he shoves, and i call with Ak, and he only has A3. and my hand holds up, but he flops an open ender and a 4 flush, so i was shocked my hand holds up.

and the same guy i beat with 22277 shoves preflop on me with 22 when i have aa over the top of my raise, and that takes the rest of his chips.

and then i flopped a boat with my unraised straddle one time on a flop of 88Q, but i didnt paid off too big that time. the time i got paid off really big was when i had KK, raised, 2 guys call and the flop comes 33J, both call, and i hope no one has a 3. turn comes K, and i get paid off big time by J3.

and now im tired and relaxing in my room. and i must call that number tomorrow. couldnt make an appt today, its a holiday. and i never played any machines all day.

ive thought of a good way to stop mitt romney from getting the republican omination. Gingrich could agree to let Ron Paul set all the economic policies, if he drops out and has all his delegates support him. Gingrich could get Rick Santorum to drop out by letting him pick the Supreme Court justices and be the new attorny general. thats what most religious conservatives most concerned about. and then Gingrich could do all the foreign policy which he really excels at, u damn sure dont want Ron Paul running that. and all 3 of them combined as a team would get about 66% of the vote in the primary.

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