Sunday, January 15, 2012

make sure u dont overlook the first blog entry, this is my 2nd one of the night.

well, as always im playing DON sngs on BCP. yes i know i said id went broke on merge, and swore i wasnt gonna redeposit, because my merge money is NOT counted as part of my roll, so depositing would directly reduce my bankroll. (am i doing the right thing not counting it?) ever since ftp screwed everyone, including me, ive been afraid to count online money as part of my roll. I only count money thats available in immediate cash as part of my roll, (which is why i also never count free play or comps). nothing counts until its turned into cash.

so even though im NOT supposed to spend my merge points (as my rakeback VIP is effected by it and probably reduces my rakeback) i went ahead and spend 750 points for $12.50 cash deposit into my acct. it will probably cost me MORE than that in rakeback, but at least ive got money in my merge account again. ill just have to play extra small.

and as high as my sharkscope is, i definitely should look into online staking.

ok now for the good news. 1. i never played any machines at all the entire night.

2. my rolls at $4500. Which is certainly a lot better than $3800.

the first place i went to after going back out after doing my previous blog entry, i went to the golden nugget, bought in $200, and eventually left with $275. Dont really remember any of the hands.

I then went over to binions, bought in for the $160 i had in odd change, and eventually ran it up to $503. most of it came on a high hand, and since id only given the dealer $2 due to how small my rolls been and how little id been winning, i threw her the extra $3 when i got up to quit, to bring the tip up to $5. they dont pay much for high hands, only $50. But the pot was pretty good, and it wasnt the only hand i won. i had 33 and called the $2 bet preflop, and i think someone raised to $8. flop comes up At3 and i think there were 5 of us. Justin the dealer in the 5 seat, (i was in the 9 seat) and i thought Justin was the preflop raiser instead of the guy in the 3 seat who was very deepstacked and had just won a humungous pot off the 1 seat. anyway Justin bet $25, i figured justin was either way behind or ahead, so i only called because there were no flush draws, and then the 3 seat check raised to $75, and Justin folded. Now i was worried about him having a set, but if he didnt, i wanted him to think he was ahead. so i asked him if he would show if i fold, but of course i had no intention of folding. he said not a word. turn comes 3, and im relieved. he puts me allin for my remaining $68, and of course i call. So as not to slow roll him, i tell him i sucked out on him with the 3, but i still dont show cause im curious if i was beat before that. river comes, i turn it up and say high hand, and i never did find out what he had. Justin is shocked i didnt just call immediately and wonders why i thought i sucked out.

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