Wednesday, January 25, 2012

more hands to post

i realized i was getting too much money on the table than i was comfortable with, and the one good player at the other end of the table with well over $1000 in front of him (and i suspected maybe he was adding to his stack but no proof) was making me nervous, so as Chris Ferguson said, i left with $811 and cashed out. rolls now in the $5700s and i deposited another $50 on BCP too thats not part of the roll. I'm sure most of the table is glad to see me go for i was taking everyones money and the person who replaced me in my seat was a very beautiful young girl who seemed to be alone. the only guy who wasnt glad to see me go was the kid at the other end of the table who im sure thought he could bust me since the size of his chipstack was negatively affecting my decision making.

heres a hand i think i played badly. i had 44 and a short stack raised to $12 with only about 40 behind. the guy with all the money called, and i also called, only because he called. i was out of position. flop comes 49T and im feeling good about my hand. original raiser bets $15, young kid raises to $40. i get worried about losing my entire stack, and all my previous wins to a higher set and only call. The allin guy also calls. turn comes 2. i check (horrible mistake) and the kid checks. river comes 2. i bet $40, and the kid only calls, and thats the first time i knew with certainty i was good. i never did see his hand, but i won the entire pot. and this is a perfect example of why its a good idea for me to cashout when i get to where i have more money on the table than i am comfortable with.

now this here im about to post is another interesting hand. i am in the BB with 67 offsuit. theres 3 $2 limps, and a guy raises to only $4. it gets back to me and i call the additional $2. flop comes 672 rainbow and i think 4 of us are in it. i check, hoping to check raise. but to my disappointment, everyone checked along. turn comes 3 putting 2 to a flush on the board. i cannot check any longer, so i bet $15. believe it or not, all 3 players call. wtf? turn comes 10. again, i bet $20 hoping i do not get raised. (i am not sure what i should do in this spot, and i would like ur ideas.) and again, believe it or not, all 3 players call. question is what did the other 3 players have, and is my hand good, and after a long while i will let u know the answer.

at least now that i have $50 on BCP i have more options as to what i can play in my room.

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