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Post subject: Re: sevencard2003's blog--BACK IN VEGAS

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:01 am
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sevencard2003 wrote:

anyway not too happy--am out $226 for the nite--and aint touched any machines now for the 5th day--although i played a little craps and paigow and recovered $10 of the $236 i lost at the poker. i played it cause i was determined not to touch any machines.

Hey TBC - you're a poker player, so I wanted to ask you a question. If you had 58 suited and you knew your opponent had KK, would you go all in? You wouldn't, right?.. because you have bad odds to win. Well, you shouldn't play Craps, BJ, any of the casino games really, or any of the machines then. All of those have bad odds... (not as bad as 58 suited, but you get the idea). Stick to poker only!
this was written by a guy with the name of post, in allvegaspoker back in my old blog many years ago in 2009. why is it that i never listen to his advice?-------------------------------------------------------

i dont think me lying to others, will be in my best long term interests. i did it once and its not right. its not even good for me to lie to myself. although i hate being honest tonight because its going to cost me big time. if i wanted to lie to someone, id lie to the govt so i wouldnt be near as stressed out about money. But i dont like to lie. thats why people enjoy reading my blog. everyone says my blog is one of the most honest blogs out there, and most people only tell the good and not the bad. i just wish i had the power to change the bad, and i dont. thats why i need to commit my life back to Jesus Christ, like i did as a child, like mom says to do. Jesus has the power to change sinners. Jesus has the power to save sinners. Jesus has the power to change the heart and mind of a sinner who sincerely wants to cleanse his bad habits and start a new life in Christ, in which he lives a life thats pleasing to God and in which everyone around him can see the difference thats been made in his life.

i'm not living a very good life. im not doing with my life what God wants me to do. i dont treat others the way God wants me too, im angry, stressed out, and think the world would be better off if i was dead. and im not strong enough to make the needed changes on my own. and when i lose, i take it out on everyone around me, because I just cant take it anymore. im too old, and i cant start over from zero like a 21 yr old kid can, and i dont want to go broke and back to living on the streets. Maybe i wouldnt because i now qualify for ssi (if im below $2000 i mean) but i dont know. almost no one can live on less than $700 a month, and thats all ssi gives u is less than that, and u must pay for food, shelter and all misc expenses out of that. i dont see how anyone lives on that. my mom only lives on it because she owns her home, knows how to be extremely thrifty with money, and gets a check for both her and Mark, when Mark wasnt living with her she had a much harder time making it.

so tonite im playing in the golden nugget, and the post i made earlier tonite tells u about the bad beat that got me stuck. but when i left the golden nugget, i was $168 ahead and feeling really good. heres the big hand.
i had AQ and had just folded it the hand before and wouldve made trip queens with the ace, but laid it down to a big preflop raise. so the next hand i get aq and this time im the button instead of the sb. so i raise to $12 and 2 people call. flop comes ak7. i bet $35 and one guy calls. a hawaaian tourist who was a little loose. turn comes A and he checks to me. well what choice do i have? theres a possible flush draw out there. i could be beat, but i shove my last $130 or so and he calls, but my hand holds. he had k6 nut flush draw and a pair. and as soon as the blind gets to me i immediately leave, both the 2 guys on my left were good players and have me covered, and im not gonna have all that money on the table at risk.

so i walk into binions, see a game that looks full, so i figure ill see a few hands on the VBJ and get right off before im stuck anything. i end up losing $172, walk into the poker room an hour or 2 later pissed off, and the games breaking up as i sit, so i dont even get to play. so i walk to my room, talk to vegas dwp about something he wanted to ask me, and then go back out to play and end up sitting at the VBJ again, and this time losing another $117. so now im stuck $121 for the nite, and i shouldve been up $168, which means i blew about $300 in that dammed machine.

So theres no hope for me. anyone still think Vegas is the best place for me instead of a place where theres no machines?

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