Wednesday, January 11, 2012


i stayed away from machines all evening, so this will be the 2nd day i didnt put any money into them since i had that big drop the other day.

Vince and i ate in the steakhouse with my $50 comp ticket, he left the tip. ive never eaten there before. ate some kind of chicken.

also i never made any sports bets, but who can tell me if the picks he suggested won or lost? and i only have $7 on BCP. the moose lodge convention downtown booked several hundred rooms at the nugget, and it ends thursday, and thats why the game lasted so long at binions tonite. they had over 900 in the poker tourny in the grand ballroom and i found out that tourny is a 3 day event. Grump wouldve loved the action had he been around.

ok, now for some poker hands. the board comes up AJ5 and u looked at the flop with A6 suited. it was $6 preflop as it was quite often. a guy whose been quite lucky on u all night calls ur bet of $25. turn comes 6. u have about $150 behind and he has about $90. what do u do?

u call 89 suited preflop, with 5 others. flop comes A89 with 2 diamonds. guy bets $5, another guy calls, and u make it $40. a guy goes allin for $53, and the original better calls. u think he has a pair of aces, using the ace on board. u cannot reraise due to the allin guy not reraising enough. turn comes Q. the original better bets $50. what should u do? anyway u call, and the river comes K. again he bets $50. what now?

u call for $8 to see the flop with 97 suited. there are 4-5 of u. flop comes K96. u call a $15 bet. turn comes 10. u call a $20 bet, asking for a card with an e in it. river comes Q and both players check. all 3 of u have over $200 in front of u. what do u do?

again u have 79 suited. and u limped in. the flop comes 479 with 2 diamonds. the 4 gives u a backdoor flush draw. a guy bets $5 and a guy calls. what do u do? both guys have u covered, and u have about $180

now i ended up breaking about even overall(on my final session). and before i went and ate with vince, i won just over $100, and also from getting my free play earlier when Vince and i were out, im back to about $4700. also had a $19 win at the nugget, and i cashed in the $34 sport ticket today because they close early last nite, so i couldnt add it to yesterdays bankroll totals.

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