Tuesday, January 10, 2012

relaxing in my room, but with only $22 left on BCP

i didnt lose it NOW, i lost it earlier before i went back over to the golden nugget. and today was the last day to get $45 of free food at magnolias downstairs so i filled up the fridge with my passport book.

just going around browsing and replying to peoples comments, and playing low stakes sngs on BCP. really did NOT want to ever have to waste money depositing here, since im not counting this money as part of my roll, that would mean it would be an expense decreasing the roll. i was a fool to play all them tournies this afternoon and lose so much, not paying attn to how late i was registering.

at least all 3 of my sports bets won.

i looked up carmens name, and it seems she is still in there, but its showing her court date as the 11th now instead of the 9th. and i still wish i was waking up a lot later in the day. games are best about the time i get too tired and just feel like relaxing in the room again. an offduty dealer in my game at the nugget was telling about a great game in a casino outside vegas that didnt use to go. And where someone could live nearby cheap and safe on the busline.

now as usual, ive forgotten most of the hands. i bought in $200, started losing quite a bit of it, over $100, mostly with KK again. then i rebought $76 more, and started doing alot better after that. eventually i left the game with over $375. this time i saved losing my entire stack with the KK. i raised to $15 preflop in the BB and got 3 callers. flop comes Q63 with a flush draw. i bet $75, and the offduty dealer shoves allin for about $60 more, and an asian guy goes allin for about $250 total. i fold faceup, and it turns out the dealer has the nut flush draw (id have called him) and the asian guy has 666 which holds up. at the time i folded i only had about $80 left. and the next time i got kk they actually won.

also sucked out once with A6 suited, to make runner runner 2 pair, and also won a pot with JJ. flop was 10 5 7 rainbow, and the same dealer with the bad luck had QT and committed himself when i raised him on the flop when i put him on top pair.

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