Wednesday, January 11, 2012


heres what everyone was waiting for the results of the hands.

1. the A6 suited hand. i didnt really see the point of dividing my bet into 2 parts, a lower bet just makes it easier for him to suck out, and if hes got me beat all the money will get into the pot anyway. so i bet him allin instead of $45 and he calls. and he has AJ. for 2 higher pair.

2. the 89 hand. i call his $50 turn bet, and i called again the $50 on the river. now u got to remember, i tweeted last nite how it was the loosest game at binions id ever seen, not the regulars, but a bunch of players from the moose lodge there for the moose convention, some of them leaving to catch a plane and some had already left, they knew a lot of the other players and played in a home game. turns out the guy was bluffing all the way, had nothing but K8 and hit the 2 pair on the river to beat out my 2 pair.. and had i won that pot id been way up. that was a huge pot.

3. 79 suited hand, when everyone was checking the river. i thought the Q was a good scare card for me, so i bet $75 and both instantly mucked, one of whom wouldve beat me with a little bit higher pair. only SI suggested i bluff here.

4. the 79 suited other hand. i raised to $30 and both players folded.

and with that im ready to start the night and see how it goes. i had to waste $80 renewing my verizon modem 9 days early because i used more than 5GB limit for the month to get the net to work when i woke up. now im back to $4600. it may last longer if i wouldnt always leave the computer on while asleep

a hand i never thought about posting is where i won most of the money last nite. board was 97T with 2 hearts, and i had TT and limped in in bad position. a guy bets $8 on the flop, and i go $20 and only he calls. turn comes 9, and he goes allin for a little over $100 on me. of course i call. he has A9. and my boat is good.

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