Monday, January 23, 2012

rolls back to $5500

i ended up losing $300 at the IP after i went over there with tatude tonite, but most of the loss was after he left. i also lost the original $100 stake before i rebought. also grouchie was at the table for a long time, but later was at a different table when i had all the bad luck. im too tired now to remember the hands. i do remember losing $60 preflop calling with 99, but the raiser had only 33, and had made a previous loose raise with 99 before into my aa. that hand he sucked out, and this hand another guy had kk. he wasnt the winner though, a guy called with 45 suited and hit a straight. table was pretty loose.

most of my loss came with J7 diamonds on a board of Ad 8h 4d. i called it down all the way, rivered a flush, 4 of us in, and it was checked to me, big pot by then, i bet $80 and got check raised by a QT high flush. for about $20 more allin.

and then i went over to the big split machine and deposit $7 in it, played over an hour, ran it up to $81, and cashed out only $3, took a cab home and left, seen DOC and 2 guys playing in the riv, and sat a few minutes til it broke and lost over $50 more. and im in my room trying to sleep soon. ill have even less after my room charges are finalized. every day im here theres a $13 resort fee.

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