Saturday, January 21, 2012

still think im making good decisions

after sitting in my room, unable to play hardly anything on BCP because of my refusal to deposit, although i am now at $2 instead of $1, i decided to walk back downstairs and get to work on getting in the 4 hours i need for saturdays $20 room. (actually they are $33 rooms with tax and resort fees). the same very good young player is there, this time with about $3000 in front of him. the donkey is back, with about $700 in front of him. and a lady with about $600 and some other decent sized stacks.

the donkey makes it $15 preflop, and the good young player whose making sure he sits on his immediate left makes it $50. (i had to take a seat in the middle of the table to sit on the good players 2 seats to his left.) but i sat there anyway. i just couldnt bear to sit on his immediate right, which was the only other open seat, and its still an open seat, making the donkey on his right. so i look down to find aa and go allin for $187, hoping for only 1 call, and worried sick ill get 2. sure enough the donkey calls, and then the good player calls. why he didnt reraise ill never know.

flop comes JQ4 3 spades, and i have the a of spades. everyone checked. turn comes 10 of hearts, and they checked. river comes K of diamonds, they check, and i show my a hi straight and win. i was only praying no J or Q came. figured the K would make a split.

in the middle of the hand tiffany from cali who ive met and knows Britni but only from online, and who ive hung out with at the casino and shes driven me around before and washed my laundry, she texts me wanting BCP money and calls on the phone saying shes drunk and i couldnt talk then. WEC knows her as sexylilvixen from neverbeg. i may end up making a deposit so i have something to do in my room. i cant go back downstairs now without waiting an hour and the games too wild to sit in for that much money, i should probably buyin $100 instead of $200 and wait for hands to shove. no set mining in this game, its way too expensive seeing the flop. all agree?

i assume with my low roll and propensity to blow up if i lose it all to them big stacks im better off leaving no matter how good the game, right?

at least im over $6000 now.

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