Sunday, January 22, 2012

tourny results

sitting around riviera in my room bored as hell, waiting to hear from tatude that said he could see me after 8pm, but i wish he couldve much soon, tired of sitting around all day doing essentially nothing after the freeroll just waiting to hear back from him. would like to go somewhere but dont know where.

and as always i was the first one out of the freeroll. only good news is its been over a week since i played a machine. i think i played a hand really bad.

i have QQ and make it 800 preflop. (blinds started at 100-200 which i feel is way too high). 28 of us in the top 10 get $250 each. another young guy whose known to bluff and knows how i play i mistakenly thought reraised me preflop and i wonder if he has aa. turns out he just called but i didnt know. the dealer puts out the flop 10 6 3 and i put out 800 thinking the flop was dealt too soon, and i owe that to the pot and the dealer didnt see it. (i thought he bet $1600 preflop and min raised). so when he makes it 1700 postflop, i tell the dealer that was not a bet its what i owed to see the flop. then i find out he hadnt reraised after all. somehow i still had it in my mind he had a big pair, so i only called the 1700. turn comes 7 of hearts putting 3 to a flush on board, he bets $2500 and i fold. horrible mistake as he shows ak with one heart. only thing i was right about was the feeling he wanted to reraise preflop.

and then a while later i push with k5 on sb against the bb when down to 8bb. and the bb calls with 77 and i bust out as the first one to bust.


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