Sunday, January 1, 2012

up and awake early

i think i still got adequate sleep, for i was asleep a little before 2am.

Spent most of last night at binions hanging out with Poker Grump, who got a chance to meet Vince and his gf anne. i took a picture of them with my cell, and im going to figure out how to post it to this blog. Grump was behind a little for most of the night, and im surprised to see his blog has not been updated. i was surprised that his buyins are not bigger in size, and really curious what his roll is.

and i did finally get a text back from melissa but it didnt say much at all just that she was trying to make it til NYE was over and was hoping to be able to get back into the IP soon. she claimed she was at a girlfriends house at siegel suites, but felt uncomfortable there because of the gfs boyfriend and wanted out. she said the guy was nuts. didnt say anything about hanging out with me, or even ask for anything from me. i think maybe she might think i was lying about having the money i do have since she sees me not wanting to turn loose of any, $20 seemed to be so impt to me when talking to her she probably dont believe i had 4k. im sure she is used to guys lying about money.

theres only 206 players so far in todays $109 $100k guaranteed tourney on BCP, but theres so many different type of satellites running for it right this morning, there will probably be at least triple that before its over. all i have to do is make it to 110th place, and i get $200 or better. which of course i know who i can sell to now anytime at 90c on the dollar. get on BCP and take a look and also look at the prize pool.

theres a chance i will have an enormous bankroll at the end of the day. look at the spots for the final table. even 10th pays a lot. $20,000 for 1st, $12,000 for 2nd, down to $1600 for 12th. this might really get my roll in shape and i sure wish id had big money to invest back in the early days of online poker. i never managed my money in the wisest way.

rolls about $4800. i didnt reach the $5000 by jan 1 because i still havent gotten my $200 freeplay yet. just the $150 or so i made last nite between the nugget and binions. when i asked when i couldnt see it last nite, the slot floorman told me it will show up at midnight tonite. he told me someone else asked too.

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