Friday, January 20, 2012

was i a donkey not leaving when up $274?

i have to keep playing til i have my entire 4 hours in, to avoid a huge room charge for friday. my chips are still on the table. u dont have to get in 4 hours all in a row, but i must have them in before midnite.

after winning a big pot earlier i was up to $474. at first id ground it up to about $300, held pretty stationary for some time, and then later on i won a big pot with a set of 10s in which the loosest player (who went from having $800 on the table to being stuck and rebuying) paid me off. i was getting a little worried, and thought about quitting the game, but didnt because of the 4 hours i have to do. there is a very good young player 2 seats on my left with over $1800 in front of him whose won some massive pots off the donkey.

so i was thinking of leaving, to avoid being put in pots with him behind me, and decided to move tables or take an hour break in my room as soon as the blinds get to me. naturally i cant bear to be out the $4, so i dont get up and leave the game right away.

and of course, before the blind gets to me, the guy whose the donkey comes out raising to $20 on the hijack. im on the button and call with AT. (mistake). the young guy also calls in the blinds, and 3 of us see the flop. AT2 with 2 clubs. guy bets $45, i shove allin because i want to make sure the young kid dont come along for the ride and i know the donkey will call if hes drawing without the right odds, so i want his money if im a big favorite or a fold, either one. sure enough the kid folds, and the donkey calls my allin with AJ. so hes drawing to 3 outs, and then sucks out on me.

where all did i play the hand wrong? i think i did right getting him to call as a huge underdog.

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