Monday, January 9, 2012

well at least todays off to a good start.

first of all, does anyone know what happened to Carmen today at her court hearing? although im certainly no longer in a position to do anything for her. just curious.

i made an offer to pokerdogg in his latest blog post on here that i doubt he will bother to take me up on.

ok today is day 1 of the next 7 day attempt to avoid touching any VP machines. have not played any today.

good news is i just checked my online banking statement, and there is only 1 pending charge from the order i placed yesterday, for $55.97, not 2 as i was worried about when i talked to Josie last night, she can explain if ud like.

and i am in my room playing DON sngs on BCP after first going over to binions, making 3 of the sports bets suggested, all of which i bet for $20 apiece. (a total of $60 in bets that are as yet undecided and i think all games take place tonite.

1 of them was alabama on the moneyline, recommended by vegas dwp who bet $500 on it. the other 3 bets were recommended on the blog by mikey, no idea who that is and i hope its not blackjackpro or allisond. i didnt make the first bet of lsu+3 because it was the opposite bet as vegasdwp recommended, and he was so confident he bet big money on it. but i did make the bet of NJ plus 5.5 (can someone please define what that means, must they win by at least 6, theres no such thing as a half point to my knowledge). and the toronto minus 3. i have no idea if those are good bets.

went over to binions poker room, sat at a table and bought in for my new standard of $200 (which i can maintain until i drop below $4000) got very lucky early on, started hitting a lot of hands and mightve missed a little value on 1 hand. managed to cash out with around $400. left to go to my room to get online (at least i have food in my room here unlike at ballys, so nice to have a room fridge) and is why i prefer downtown better. so many places to get cheap and free food. and i love eating in the room.

so now the rolls back in the 4400s again instead of the 4200s. and maybe it will be more if any of these $20 bets win. they dont even pay $40 if they win though individually. juice seems outrageously high, or do i just not understand sports bets? 2 pay over $38, and 1 pays $34 and change.

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