Tuesday, January 24, 2012

well i seen the counselor today

i asked the hotel to wake me up at noon, to make sure i was awake in time, and instead i didnt wake up til 12.18pm and they never called and woke me. this same problem has happened before so im glad i woke up on my own. didnt have time to finish reading my mail, soon as 12.30 passed i went downstairs to get a cab and just barely managed to find the carlston educational building room 237 by 1pm. Rachel was there alone, no other clients, and we sat and talked for a little over an hour while she asked me a lot of questions about my background and history with gambling and other issues, and said to come back at noon same time next week, although i cannot remember if she said tues or wed. must ask someone. and she seemed to understand that i wanted to continue to play poker, and not play any machines anymore.

when she asked me if i had any gambling related debts or had i owed money to others because of my gambling, i realized how better off i am that some who are 100% totally broke due to gambling and owe others money they cannot pay. i told her about how i used to get ssi, but that i wasnt broke. she also knows about the $800 cab, my blog which she said she will take a look at, and my old felony conviction. i guess thats why i never felt i hit rock bottom. and she asked me why i wanted to get the counseling, and i told her about my readers thinking i seriously need it, and about pokerdogg, and how i wanted to make Josie and Britni happy because they are the only women i really talk to. she asked about my son, and how i was raised, and why i got into gambling and for how long. also gave me some things to fill out before i come in next week, and told me this appt was free, and every week thereafter id be paying on a sliding scale of $5 per visit.

now for the results of last nites poker hand everyone is all waiting for. as u remember i had AT and rivered 2 pair, and he overbet the pot into me. I sat and thought about it a long time til someone called the clock, not the better. finally i called, and he instantly mucked without showing his hand, so i dont think he had much at all. one guy wondered why it took me so long to call. that hand got me out of the hole and ahead, and i played a while longer, and eventually left the table with about $165 profit, so i went upstairs satisfied with the small recovery, and deposited $20 online before i went to sleep. nice to see my debit card still works to deposit on BCP. and thats why i didnt play any more machines last nite after i left the wynn.

and who got the idea my wynn free play was $150? it was only $30.

to save money on the way home, i decided to walk to flamingo and take the bus, a short easy walk. besides i stopped in at the $1 store and grabbed a few food items for my room Now at the IP, i dont get a free fridge here, so ive got no way to store cold food. So that limits what i can buy. so i bought a package of bologna, and 4 icecream sandwiches in a box, both of which costs $1. (the icecream sandwiches were extra small, but still a good value). i couldnt eat it all so i gave a homeless guy at the busstop where i got off on koval coming back the rest of it. and all the rest of the food i brought to my room. having a can opener helps with items like canned fruit.

so i walked into the westin camisura, to see if i still had any unused comps i couldnt remember so i could get me some listerene strips that i was out of without having to spend actual cash. turned out i had $53, nice. i dont get free play there anymore since i aint played in awhile. i noticed the VBJ machine now had $100 max bet instead of the $25 max bet they always used to have, which surprised me. and the paytable is still the good one paying 3-2 that dont shuffle every hand. dont get me wrong, i didnt sit and play it, only checked my comp balance, grabbed a ton of listerene strips in the gift shop to stock up, and left. But considering how Circus stopped offering comps, (and then i noticed last week the VBJ at the riviera followed suit and also no longer offers comps) i decided to take a peek to see if there are cutting back too. was surprised to see no they havent, they still give comps and cashback on that machine and have even loosened it up by increasing the betting spread. still though, the minimum is $3 instead of $1. the riviera even got rid of the 50 play and 100 play machines ive lost a lot of money on elsewhere, i would often lose $50 to $100 or more almost every time i sat at one due to martingaling, i dont understand why, getting rid of those only hurts them. i think it was to stop bums from ordering cocktails betting only 1c total but thats pretty shortsighted thinking. they seem to be obsessed with giving out too many free cocktails. they have signs on all the machines saying 25c minimum for free drinks on all the penny machines, and are very strict about not letting people get both a coke and a coffee, or a coffee and bottled water at the same time. no other casino is near that strict about it. and for good reasons, they dont want to piss off a big time customer who loses thousands over a few cents worth of drinks.

looks like ive just now lost the remainder of last nites $20 deposit on BCP.

and im just gonna go play live for awhile. will buyin for $200, $200 buyins seem to be working pretty well for me, a lot better than the smaller buyins were. hope i never drop below $3000, or ill never feel comfortable buying in that much. also i got an offer in the mail for 2 free nites in laughlin, with $60 in free play feb 1-15 and another $60 free play feb 16-28. also i need to find out what day the binions freeroll is i qualify for. still should deposit more into BCP i just hate taking a large sum out of my bankroll. and im still waiting on my $164 payment from google i should find in my bank account before jan 31.

was anyone surprised he instantly mucked instead of having me beat, and was anyone not thinking id call?

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