Wednesday, January 18, 2012

well this blog post is a little late but most of the news is good and i havent played any machines.

yesterday i never updated the blog, but i did have a good day yesterday and stay off the machines, and bring the roll up to $5200. today i brought it on up to $5400. started out yesterday with the win at rio i posted in the blog, but i was only up about $70 by the time i left the game, i waited til i started giving some of it back. then i took the shuttle to the IP and won a little in the IP but not nearly as much as the day before. walked out of there up $164 total between rio and IP and walked over to bills. bought in for $70, and at one point had it up to $225, and the game was a lot better than usual. But then i started giving it back, and i lost all of the original buyin, and around another $90, and at one point was out over $100 more. but won a few hands at the very end before i got a cab back to rio around 4am when the game broke. was too tired to post and wanted to wait til i had some news.

also i found out about a room deal at the riviera some of u might be interested in. this may come in handy on weekends since im not showing up anymore free weekends. on every day, and that includes fridays and saturdays, for 4 hours of play, u can get a $20 room. now combine that with the $10 and $25 match plays in the coupon book u get at the desk when u get a room, and its a wonderful deal. u must make arrangements with Christina. their pokerroom dont have much business and they are trying this to get more. they recently changed the game to $1-3 also.

and i called the number today pokerdogg wanted me to at UNLV, but i got an answering machine, it was just after 4pm when i called.

now today when i woke up i didnt even bother with the rio poker room, i really dont like them $2 chips at all. i got straight on the ballys shuttle, and walked to pick up my mail in the flamingo. found the $55 from mom along with $5 extra for my birthday coming up feb 10, for $60 total. then i sat down in the diamond lounge and ate before i played, was starved, and then got a seat at osheas in a $2-6 game. ended up winning over $112 in it, went to eat at burger king, and then sat back down osheas and won $35 more, and then got on the rio shuttle to my room where im at now, playing on BCP and updating my emails and blog.

Now ive got one thing thats been really pissing me off all day. the other day my mom wanted me to order her the swivel sweeper advertised on TV, and as always, they claim u get 2 of them. almost every product u want to buy they say u get 2 instead of 1. i guess thats why the price isnt lower. and my mom also claimed that it offers free shipping, but it really dont, and i dont think she is familiar enough with ordering from ads since she has no debit card to realize when shes wrong. Josie and i investigated, and we found out u definitely do get charged for shipping. (unless u pay $24.99 a month extra for every month from then on for a lot of other useless offers such as a gift card, orlando vacation etc.) its all a gimmick. mom dont know this. she is OLD. shes 68. so i asked Josie for her advice whether to buy it for my mom or not, because i didnt want to deal with the aggravation and im so upset she wont go get a debit card on her own. she dont believe in credit cards due to religious convictions. Josie said it would be a nice thing to do and besides mom offered to pay me back once id ordered it, so i did it but only because Josie talked me into it. and i had Josie help me fill out the order form, and Josie said if i check the box to send ONE instead of TWO, the postage would be less and then id not be charged the extra shipping and i wasnt sure, because i was still charged part of the shipping (that mom claimed was free but wasnt). and she said mom WOULD NOT MIND ONLY GETTING ONE. boy was that a mistake. i have no idea why she needs 2, nor does Josie, but mom was upset, said she paid for 2, (actually she hasnt, the shipping for 2 wouldve been $30 more instead of $15 more) and mom original thought its $40 and free shipping because thats the way they advertise it on TV.

why did Josie have to tell me to only order 1?? this has caused nothing but a lot of grief stress and upset feelings with my mom. and i am so pissed off she wont get her own debit card. also her paypal account is closed due to disputes over purchases, she dont seem to understand the terms and conditions too well.

what mom is doing now is refusing to return it, under the excuse they dont reimburse postage, and insists i order her another one, which would cost me another $55 of my own money id not be reimbursed for. if she had sense to return it, all id be out is the $15 postage but she wont pay to return it from her end. if she returned it, i would either reorder 2 or return her money, and id still be out over $15 of my own money, maybe even $30. so yes im pissed off. this is what happens when u try to help someone.

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