Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what would u do with AT here?

playing in the IP, (at least i was earlier). now im relaxing in my room, planning to make a small deposit on BCP. Sure hope it is still accepting my debit card. When i first sat, i was stuck in a middle seat and losing a small amount, not getting hardly any cards, so i jumped at the chance to move to a new table when it opened, and i sat in the #2 seat. Micheal the European who always plays at the IP and takes long extended poker vacations young guy whose good with a big roll started to sit in the #1 seat, i talked about my losses and he decided to move to the #8 seat as the new table was waiting to start up. he knows more about my play than i know about his i think. And is one of the players i most fear. and he told me he was gonna take my bankroll.

so after about 45 minutes the following hand comes up. i have AT and limp in close to late position. i have about $165 in front of me, and micheal has me covered. Micheal is before me to act postflop although i dont remember exactly where the button was.

flop comes up A47 rainbow, and Micheal bets $10 into a pot that mightve been around $10 not sure. maybe $8 or $12. i call, everyone else folds. turn comes 9, michael bets $20, i call. on the river my ten comes. still no flush is possible. michael overbets the pot and goes allin which would cost me my whole stack of about $135 more to call. what would u do?

i thought his most likely hand was aces up, which i could beat. but he also could have a set, or possibly been betting with 68. he does play a little loose, and does bluff. i figure he knows i have at least an ace. what do u think michael thinks i have? he tells me he bets that big because he thinks i will call, while im trying to decide. i dont think micheal will think ill fold an ace will he? unless he thinks i have one with a much smaller kicker, surely he wouldnt know i have AT and rivered 2 pair?

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