Thursday, January 19, 2012

what would u do?

just left the poker room at the rio, right after the following hand, $13 ahead. i had 67 of spades, and i was seen finally making a bluff earlier after 2-3 hours of play. flop was 893 with 2 spades. all 4 of them checked to me on the button, and i bet $15 and got 2 calls. (what do u think they are calling me with?). The only hands i really feared were higher draws. turn comes 10. asian kid in the middle of the table goes allin for about $85. young white guy 2 seats to his right shoves allin for about $220. i showed my made straight and flush draw. and set there for a while trying to figure out whether to call and whether one of them or both hit a straight and if a flush would be good. what would u do?

and im glad the deal with my mom worked out so well. all im going to be out if the company is being honest is $14.99 more in additional shipping. that will be coming out of my own pocket and i still dont want to deal with this hassle again, let her get her own debit card.

now Larry from UNLV called me back and he said they do offer 1-1 counseling and also groups, and he said he would have Rachel give me a call. this was around 2pm and ive not heard back. he said they do not turn away anyone who cant pay and its a small sliding scale of very little money. I told him i support myself playing poker and he really didnt comment. maybe he wondered why if poker is really good for me why i didnt have alot of money. i dunno.

tomorrow ill be checking into the riviera for 4 days. the first 2 days with the $20 poker rate, and the next 2 days free on an email i got. u have to get in 4 hours play per day, and also they charge u the full rate upfront, and only refund it back to the poker rate once u check out and qualify. some of these weekends coming up are over $100 but Christina said those days also get refunded back to the $20 charge.

heres mom on facebook:

As I go off for the day I want to leave u with a verse of scripture. 2 Peter 3:9 "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness: but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."
Put your trust in God and not in man dear friends.

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she is a good person and tries to honor God and thinks me not living for God but in sin is the cause of all my problems. so she was glad to hear i was gonna get counseling. and said that Josie was a good friend. She just thinks i have no common sense and didnt know how to order it propertly instead of understanding the FREE RUSH shipping is a scam.

i've got to start keeping better track of my $20 table games coupon mailers ive gotten from harrahs sent to my Po Box in the flamingo. i've missed out on using 2 now since i wasnt around during the 3 days on the coupon, and one of them was the 15th-17th. and i just totally forgot about it til the 18th. the next one coming up is on the 22nd. and my next $30 free play at the wynn is mon-thurs of next week. and im not sure i have a feb binions free play. but in march, i not only have $200 free play, but also $200 in non negotiable chips, only problem at binions they are only worth $98 because they dont let u keep them on a win like most casinos do, such as flamingo u can keep playing it til u lose.

if i get upset about $3 in blinds (well not really, mainly being asked if im stupid enough to pay it if i dont have to) but if $3 bugs me when im very low, think of how much $40 or $55 bugs me. its not the insignificant sum it once was, thats why i was stressing out so much over it. sums have to be really low to not stress out over them, such as the $5 i put on Carmens books. and yet she never bought a stamp and envelope. and the $20 i gave Melissa i got to where i couldnt do that, and i havent tried to text her in a week now, ever since i was doing poorly and she mightve left town. seriously doubt she would still have a way to be in the IP. i think her phone is shut off too.

when i have money, spending $800 on a cab means nothing to me, because i still have money left over. the $180 or $200 i gave a couple of women when i was rich meant nothing to me too. But when i start to worry, and i do when i go below $6000, and for each additional $1000 i drop the stress goes way up, and the more i go ballastic over losing small amounts and tighter i become with my money. at least now i can give out $1 tips sometimes more a lot more often than i could when i was in the $3000s for a brief period. its hard emotionally to accept any type of loss, which has had a big effect on me playing machines in the past.

u may think im doing good staying off machines for 5 days, but ive not been put to any real test yet. what i mean by that is ive not left the poker room stuck a bunch of money, in which ive felt a real urge to play machines on the way back to my room.

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