Thursday, February 9, 2012

finally a small win for the day

just got back to my room from playing at the nugget. won $44 and was up a little more, but i think i mightve made a bad fold with TT on a board of 367A. so i left. he offered to show either hole card and i picked the 8.

id only bought in for $120, but at one point i had it up to $197. Got a bunch of food here in fridge, bought a bit at the walgreens store downtown with the giftcard yesterday. and i played for a while at binions earlier too and at one point was up over $175, but when i left the casino i wasnt up that much. still it was a good day, im back to around $3400 from $3200. ive certainly got my work cut out for me though, i am so very far off of what id need to be at to even have the proper bankroll to flat buyin $150 a shot. am glad i dont have to move rooms til the 13th. the 13th is when the binions freeroll takes place. as usual i will have one of the small stacks instead of one of the big stacks, and 30 places get paid first is $7000, unless of course they will agree to a chop earlier on. naturally i dont expect it to go unchopped to first, and to also take first.

overall im doing a lot better playing poker than machines, but this weekend things went pretty slow. Tired of not really having any good news to report, so i really havent felt like making any new blog posts til i did have some better news.

the shirts Josie gave me were quite nice and the giftcards have really come in handy. and it was really nice to meet lightning and to be able to play in the same game while he was in town. i only wish i couldve played with grump also and not lost the whole $388 before he got seated, because i just didnt feel like continuing to rebuy so i could play with him. i do remember
one losing hand early on while i was still playing well. i had KK and shoved my last $53 over the top of a $7 raise and a $15 reriase. one guy called with 8T suited and won it all, and the other caller never showed. all the money went in preflop.

i deposited very little on BCP, and i still should deposit a lot more, but i can hardly take a dime out of my measly bankroll to add as low as it is. and my birthday is coming up feb 10 and ill be 43.

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