Tuesday, February 14, 2012

im bummed out but im doing okay as far as moneys concerned.

waiting for Vince to pick me up to run me over to the flamingo to renew my PObox. good news is ive been winning small amounts this week, no big losses on machines and a few tiny wins. rolls back to $4000 from $3000. but its sure got an awful long ways to go and i am really going to need the money, and im about to tell u why.

i cannot find 1 single FREE room day for all of February and March anymore thru the harrahs website. and it showed almost ALL of feb and march free sun-thurs the last time i looked, but i didnt bother to be booking rooms in advance because i didnt know they were gonna all disappear. am quite upset and worried about this, i dont have any free rooms at any casinos, and its because im not doing all the heavy machine play i was all last year when i had so much money, and besides the places i did do that at really cut back on comps and give no credit anymore for ur play, (circus for example).

as little money as i have, i sure cant be renting a place, or getting an apt, and i dont know any motels its safe to stay thats cheap by the week. the only place i know of is the 4 queens for about $250 a week, and u are only allowed 14 days in a row, then must be out for 2 days. and today will be the 12th day in a row. never thought id ever see the day id log into my harrahs card and not see a single free room. all the IP rooms are $20 at the least, and some nites are a LOT higher.

and sickcallmggee who said he got $13 at texas before? i only seen 1 nite at that price and the weekend price was $200-300, not the $26 he said plus resort fee. i dont even know if the riviera will have the $20 pokerrate and not be sold out.

and if i went down to laughlin i dont know if the 6 hours a day free room still in effect, or how cheap the other rates are. i didnt bother to check for free rooms thru harrahs there. im sure its because ive been comped way too much, or they have updated my address to vegas, or ive played machines less, but dont know the full truth.

i never bothered to plan all this out ahead of time because i had already made up my mind to leave town immediately after the freeroll was done feb 13 (and was gonna pick up my $60 free play in laughlin for both dates feb 1-15 and feb 16-30 this weekend) and collect that $120 free play, take my 2 free nites play a little poker at the golden nugget there to check out that new 50c $1 NL game going daily. and if John Colville cant get me into the hotel for $150 a week long term like i asked him and he said he would talk to someone and see if he could arrange anything for me, id then have to hop the train to the east coast. i had it all planned out. Problem is, i am really having second thoughts of going anywhere out east on the amtrak or even to laughlin with only $4000. that seems like such little money and it will be about $300 to get to the east coast, and then im in the wash dc area instead of florida. i dont really want to do it right now

and if im not safely staying at harrahs properties on the strip, i need to shut down the blog so no one will know where im living. Grump and sickcallmggee know its not safe downtown off the 1-2 block area im in right now. seattle irish called me this morning and wondered why i depressed not wanting to talk to him, this is why. i really cant find any good options of where to stay. and i dont know if my room options will come back at harrahs. have only earned 1889 tier points so far this year, and i guess i shouldve booked up a lot of rooms way in advance.

Thank God im back to $4000 from $3000, not really sure how i did it. its just it seems all my wins or all my losses always come right in a row. also im supposed to see the counselor at noon, and i had forgotten about it, and im still here waiting for Vince to call me back who told me he would be here in 45 minutes about 45 min ago and ive still got to renew my room TODAY at the 4 queens. wish i could figure out where to stay and i sure dont want anyone knowing where it will be or even if it will be in vegas.

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