Saturday, February 4, 2012

very pissed off seattle irish didnt show up

everytime he says hes gonna hang out he never shows. called him earlier while walking thru binions before i went in the nugget, could barely hear a word he was saying but was under the impression hed be there shortly and to let him know hows the game. i missed a lot of what he said, too much loud noise outside and even while walking inside, got to be over an hour later, hadnt heard from him, by then i was seated in a game, and texted him my game and seat, and he finally sent back a message saying driving. also called but never could hear anyone say hello, so i didnt leave a message.
then after that i never heard a thing from him all night.

maybe it put me on tilt, but i dont think so, im out over $400 but i really dont see how i misplayed the following 2 hands too badly, also lost a few smaller minor hands.and of course i still have $0 on BCP. and are don sngs easier on bodog, or do they hardly run? at least there no one would know me.

going to have vince drive me by flamingo tomorrow to pick up Josies package, and also by the rio to remove my money, then to go by the bank to make a deposit, and hes already been paid free play elsewhere and he owes me about 2 more laundries. And im heading back out tonite, not sure where to go, wish they had $2-6 limit downtown to take a break and less risk. i even kept my final buyin to only $100 since i was running so badly.

i dont want to play $2-4 downtown because i am of the opinion u lose ur money so much faster in that than NL due to the rake and the fact u can only bet $2 into a much bigger pot on the flop, although with my very limited limit holdem experience i could be wrong.

ok heres 1 of the hands. i had A8 of spades and call $2 in late position and no one raises preflop. lots of callers. flop comes 567 with 2 spades. guy bets around $20 i call, another guy makes it $45, original better goes allin, and i call for the final $100 or thereabouts. i got 15-17 outs and getting great odds on my money and i totally missed, one had a set and one had 34. i just liked my chances to win over 40% yet im only putting in 33% of the money.

and the other hand that hurt me really bad, i had 87 offsuit on the $1 sb with great odds to pay the other $1. flop comes up 876 with 2 spades. i want to start shutting down the draws, so i slightly overbet a $14 pot to $20. one guy calls, whose very loose, another guy who i dont think is a local but probably a decent player makes it $80. i know i either have to fold or shove instead of call, i cant bring myself to fold it so i shove, both call, one with 92 of spades one with a made straight and i dont fill up.

why does everyone think i should stay in vegas when i would have had about $2500 more right now had i left for florida against everyones wishes? i dont think many of u are looking out for my best interests, i might stop playing machines and act more professional if i shut down the blog.

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