Monday, February 27, 2012

online poker might be shutting down anytime and thats not such great news

a former buyer on 2+2 whose offered 90c in the past only offered 80c on the dollar this time. and after running my BCP up to $266 i knew it was definitely time to get $200 of it off of there. so i went and sold it for $160. thats a lot better than zippys offer, and it mightve been a wonderful move if merge closes down within the next week. and when i logged into my bank acct to see if the $160 had arrived yet, i found not only it but the $100 from google due anytime before march 2. so i improved my bank acct by $260.

and earlier today i won $400 on the VBJ downstairs while i was waiting on it to be time to go on over to the golden nugget. and while i was there, talking to myself trying to keep track of the cards and how soon i thought it was til the next shuffle, some young woman with sunglasses (now i always hate that on a woman because then u cannot see what they look like) but she commented on the fact i was playing BJ and i told her i needed her to not talk so i could concentrate and was trying to track the cards and was playing for serious money and she walked away and said sorry to bother u. the only thing is, im hoping that isnt one of the nearby women i wrote on plentyoffish asking them to come hang out in laughlin. got to thinking about that later. also she looked a lot like the girl in the sunglasses in the 2+2 ninja turtle thread in a recent post. (norcaljew thread).

of course, until my roll gets in a lot better shape, making money is far more important than hanging out with any woman. but im glad to finally have it back to $4300. of course, Josie would probably be more proud of me had i not went near that machine at all. But it would be a good idea to think of things this way--at least the machines ive been playing here in laughlin have far better payouts than the ones i wasted money on in vegas. at least im not playing machines that are sucker bets, and that will end up saving me money. overall im only down about $100-200 on that VBJ machine and have gotten 6 additional room nites and some food comps.

now todays $4-12 spread limit (with a $6-18 half kill)omaha8 game was a great game to try and make money in on a short bankroll. long term its probably worth $24 an hour (2 big bets). but the problem is, it just didnt get enough players, never more than 6, only for a brief period and most of the time was 4-5. it broke within 2 hours, and i went from $88 to $213, and then only left with $53. i dont know whats up with sickcallmggee anymore, he seems to be spending all of his time in his motel playing online and i question his bankroll really being at the $12-13k he claims. wanted him to come keep the game up and running so it would fill up.

i made one dumb move in the game, and it cost me around $100. there was the loose action dealer Greg in the game, with a big buyin and sunglasses, and he was the $4 single blind. (1 blind in this game) as in ALL of their spread limit games. and there was a $6 kill button posted by an older guy with money. and there was a fourth player also in the game on my left. anyway i had a tight image (or at least think i did) and decided to steal them $10 in dead money with A8 clubs 55. so i made it $24. greg the dealer made it $42, (dammit) and the old man also called, so i didnt get what i wanted but felt obligated to protect my investment now. (turned out they both had a2 or a23 suited). flop comes A83 and greg bets, and ive got the high so i feel i must call although i dont like the low out there. the old man also calls. turn comes 7, again greg bets and we both call. river comes 3, greg checks, old man bets dammit. i call greg calls, and the old man has a boat with a3, greg also has a8, but a better low with his live 2. and the oldman has the same live 2. i did have the hi along with greg til the river but shouldve never tried to bluff preflop.

too bad that game didnt fill. at 2 big bets an hour, plus the kill button, that wouldve been a wonderful game long term if it was always going around the clock.

and i am again sleeping the wrong hours. i just couldnt stay awake yesterday, got tired around 5pm, went to my room and went to sleep.

seems Josie must have discontinued her weekly private tourney on BCP

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  1. What the heck happened to all the comments? Is Discus no longer set up on your blog? This format sucks.

    By the way, why would you ever tried to steal the blinds in a spread limit Omaha8 game? There is little chance to ever work.