Saturday, February 11, 2012

sickcallmggee helps me stay off the VBJ machines

woke up as usual between 5-6pm, on my birthday, and found the $25 visa debit card lester sent me in care of the 4 queens hotel. i got on twitter to thank him and let him know i got it. and sickcallmggee never did put me in tonights 7pm tourney, but did go 50-50 with me at the santa fe, but it wasnt a real stake, but he bought half my action, he put up $50 and i put up $50 and bought in the NL game for $100 and then split the $13 winnings. but i wasnt up overall cause id lost the $120 at the nugget earlier i talked about in the blog.

now the day before we went over to texas station and the first thing that happened was someone did a hit and run on us in the parking lot and drove off. he immediately called the cops but they wouldnt even come out.

went inside to play and the game got changed from $2-6 with overs to $1-2 NL almost right away. and the game had great action, i managed to recover around $160 in the game, i had once recovered more, got afraid of giving it all back, (once i did) and eventually moved to $2-6 spread. mggee stayed in HU against the fish and took all his money. he didnt seem to mind the loss.

today we went to texas, waiting list too long no dealers, so we went to santa fe, action wasnt so great and after an hour went to hooters, where he lost his $200 and i lost $20 but made a horrible shove early on and was out $100 drawing pretty much dead til i spiked a set on the turn but still lost to the flush.

me being out with him keeps me away from the VBJ machines. and then later on about 3 hours after i got home, i went back out to the nugget, and won a little on the poker, and now my rolls back to $3200

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