Monday, February 6, 2012

sitting in osheas burger king eating

game just broke up here in osheas, (the floor broke it up) and im eating with some of Josies gift cards from the package she sent me. still have not got to meet lightning or maninblack.

the $2-6 game at osheas i was in after leaving the wynn was loose and wild but kind of slow. this one black guy who claims he is from NC and these 3 women hanging out with him (2 of them looked like strippers, and the one girl who plays poker said she is from north dakota). naturally im suspicious of everything and he might be a local pimp and them local working girls, who knows. anyway the one girl was playing since a guy bought her in for $60 and i was on the immediate left of a young guy from england who was very drunk and straddling. one older regular was at the other end sitting by the dealer.

anyway this one kid started calling a guy whod been needling him a pedofile and they were joking around and the dealer was trying to run the game. and speed it up. somehow they got in an argument about who had bigger balls, the guy had been calling the kid gay, and upon the encouragement of the woman playing who was with the black guy he took out his balls to show the guy his were bigger, and he did it right by the security guard nearby and the dealer and barry and murv had him thrown out, and the game broke.

earlier i went to wynn to get my $30 free play, cashed out $37, and then lost $100 in the $1-3 NL game. knew i didnt have the money to play $1-3 on such a low roll, but i was not up to walking all the way to osheas before i played poker after leaving the machine where i got the free play. i cashed out immediately after running it through also.

i got all the money allin preflop when i had $74 left and i had ak and a guy made it $15 after id limped $3 and another guy called. i shoved, original raiser folds, caller has K6 suited, and wins with a straight by the time all the cards are out.

earlier id won $172 at the nugget buyin in for $100 and playing about 2 hours, and then i went to my room to get my laptop and ride the bus to the strip. i dont mind riding it quite as much in the middle of the nite as the early evening. at 3am it takes 30 minutes to reach osheas. at 8pm it takes 90 minutes and is a very uncomfortable trip. and i still had my daily pass from yesterday morning that hadnt yet expired.

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