Thursday, February 2, 2012

spent the evening hanging out with matt cutts from AVP

mrc1017 on avp, who i also know on facebook, and i played at both the golden nugget and bills tonite. this was after he walked over to ballys earlier where i was playing at the table. i was pretty card dead at ballys, and left with him down $15 to go downtown with him like he wanted to do. not sure if and when he was last downtown when he was in town from north carolina.

he needed me to do him one favor. he had lost all his cash that he came here from north carolina with, and i think friday might be the day he goes home, cannot remember for sure. he had $1200 on his credit card from his bank, but he wasnt able to borrow a cash advance on it like he thought he could, so he had no way to come up with any cash. so he wondered if there was anything i needed him to buy me, and he said i could get it for a big discount. i couldnt think of a thing. if i had an apt id take some food items, but i really hate spending money on buying me things. when growing the roll is more important. even when i had 10k i never spent money on myself, only on gambling. so all i could think of was instead of only staying at the 4 queens feb 3,4,5, and then checking out and being at the IP or RIO free 4 days again, and then maybe at the riviera over the weekend, i thought maybe id add 7 extra days onto the 4 queens stay to make it 10 days total. the weeks cost is like $250. so we called my binions host, and then went down there, and he paid for me to check in for them extra 7 days, and its all arranged and he will not have to be in town, or show his credit card then hes already presented and signed everything at the front desk, and they know ill be showing up alone and giving my own card for the deposit. so ill check in feb 3 and out feb 13 and will be there over my birthday.

now normally what id done next week is take my 4 free nites at rio, ip or ballys. maybe pay 1 or 2 $20 cab rides moving rooms, plus maybe $60-80 rooms fees and taxes on the weekend at the riviera. so id have spent around $80-100 getting most of the week free. this will save the irritation of moving rooms, and he only charged me $150 instead of $250 since he knew that was the maximum id pay considering it would only have cost me $80 or so for the way id normally planned the week, maybe free with 2 cab rides if i could get circus to give it to me again that weekend.

so i gave him the $150 and he feels like we both got a good deal. he came up with $150 cash to get in the game with, and i got $250 rooms for 7 extra days downtown where i MUCH MUCH prefer to stay and play permanently to the strip. i love the cheap food and free fridge there. just gotta avoid that one machine at binions is all. and i had no free play for feb in binions this month. it was combined with january. i get it again in march, but its combined with april. then we sat and played NL in the nugget, i won $149 in the game, and he lost most of the $150 but says he made some great laydowns of JJ.

then we rode to the riveira, game had broke, so then ate at MC d, and then rode to bills. he won a little, and i made $99. so now im at $5800. (and ive got over $170 on BCP) i had 99 and the flop was K94 rainbow. i checked, a guy whose a reg who knows me bets $6, i check raised $21, and he shoves about $125 more well i have to call, and hope he has 444 and not kkk since he didnt raise preflop. all he has was KJ and he was telling everyone about what a horrible donk move he made the rest of the nite. also claimed he had lost back $1200 of the $1400 he made the week before.

matt gets tired and wants to go back to his room at harrahs, i leave for my room at ballys, and ive been in here ever since. could possibly walk downstairs though.

thanks so much to Josie for mailing out that package. hope i like the shirts, i might throw out about 5-10 old shirts, but still like to keep about 25 or more on hand. i wouldve had matt get me some pants but i didnt want to make a long trip out to a walmarts in a cab with him, then not buy much and i want to wait til my rolls alot bigger, i suggested he buy debit cards prepaid but maybe u arent allowed to with credit cards? i dont know and i was out of ideas.

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