Monday, February 20, 2012

todays tourney

just woke up from a long sleep, hope it was long enough. slept 7-8 hours. new roll is $3600.

last nite i broke about even at the nugget, but felt like i hadnt won because i was once up quite a bit more. went to binions, lost $200 on vbj, and won in binions poker room too. began the day with $542 and was up to about $800 plus when i was up about $100 on the vbj at first before i lost. after turning a $200 plus win into a big loss, i rode a cab to texas pissed off for $18, and there the game broke about an hour after i sat, and waited outside at the bustop with a dealer also catching the bus, and just made it back downtown an hour or so before the 9am binions tourny. i lost at texas station too.

but in the tourney some rich guy from texas in town with his son at the nugget told me to call him big mike. (not the same big mike from foxwoods we all know). this guy had a big cowboy hat and a cigar. he had offered to buy me in the day before, why i really dont know. i wasnt even sure he would show up and was sincere. but he was there at 9am. him and his son also played and they busted out long before i did.

anyway u start with 10,000 15,000 if u do the $40 rebuy upfront, and its 30 minute blinds which go up in the most slowest increments ive ever seen. thats why its about a 12 hour tourny. great structure but a good idea NOT to be tired when u play in it.

i was at 19,500 about at first break with the rebuy he handed me at break to do, and wasnt playing many hands, (which is a good idea for that structure). one time at blinds of 150-300 later on, i folded 66 with about a 18500 chip stack when a guy raised to $1200. boy was that a mistake. flop comes JQ6 and all 3 went allin, one had AQ QK and AJ (the AJ was short stacked). and was the original raiser. i wouldve had a massive chipup and mightve made a difference. A post id read long ago in someones blog on set mining made me feel i didnt have the right implied odds to call.

had to start playing more aggressive when the blinds progressed to 1500 3000 and 2000 4000. got up to just over 60,000 in chips. was updating on twitter throughout til phone got too weak to even see to read. then i typed a short update in laptop from room after busting out. (slept imeediately). i had TT and a guy raised who was getting desperate with about 50k left and i finally called his all in and he had JQ. but paired on the flop. i wanted to either be one of the big stacks at the final table or get on out of there. maybe i shouldve waited, but i made the right read that he didnt have an overpair. and i busted out right after that. i was so shortstacked i was about allin on my next blind and pushed in the last 2600 with 78 over my BB. had my hand won, id been in good shape for the final table because the top 4 spots paid far more but first i needed to win a race. not min cash for $191 back of the $140 when i owed him 2 3rds of my winnings.

i feel i did good for doing better than 49 of the other players did whod busted out before me. was only 5 off the money. 13th out of 62.and if i played more im sure id money some of them i just dont have the roll to accept the variance on my own dime. why dont i have the roll? because i did accept the variance when playing VBJ.

and now its time to start the day.

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