Friday, February 3, 2012

what a day, $3900 left after paying bills

going to sleep now, wont be awake to hang out with seattle irish or anyone else in town to see me til after midnite. i lost $1000 of the money i took out of the $4000 i had at the rio, mostly at the westin camisura, and also at poker, lost all the online money, including my $100 redeposit, and it all started from a $300 poker loss at ballys, and i played horribly in the IP too because i was stuck.

went back to ballys from the westin, i have $53 in comps there now, and Vince picked me up within an hour to drive me downtown, but since he was working he stopped tons of places along the way, and it took forever. so i fell asleep in there about 3 hours. finally he dropped me off at the 4 queens, and then i couldnt checkin because the computers were out. so i put my bags in storage, ate at binions, and ended up playing a little poker and then going to check into the room. now im dead tired and must sleep, not even gonna bother with the fridge til later, must sleep.

i got a birthday card from a lady in NY who didnt give me her address and said to only call her C cause she has friends who read my blog, i cannot believe she sent me a birthday with $100 cash in it not even knowing if id get it the suite # was wrong, but i still received it, so now she will know i got it. she reads alot of blogs, Thanks very much, i just wish i had a way to get in touch with u.

and im not sure when lightning is going to be downtown, i will be here til feb 13, and then maybe drop out of sight.

will definitely see if the counselor thinks there is any hope for me on tuesday. im really worried about going broke even though i havent in years. that was a really horrid drop percentage wise, over 1 3rd of everything i have. also i lost my net access til i paid the bill to renew it 6 days early cause i always use more than 5GB, but after losing my connection, WTF did my radio link to that poker radio was it still playing for about 10 more minutes til i shut it off? i couldnt bring up a single website and it was still playing. makes no sense.

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