Monday, March 5, 2012

$6600 now instead of $6200

theres no way this can continue. even with the 10c cashback on every $100 bet being added to my $99.61 payback on every $100 bet long term (without counting that is) thats still only $99.71 payback. and as often as ive lost on VBJ in the past, i see no way this will continue long term. now i feel like im finally counting them correctly and flat betting $1 most of the time and not martingaling during poor counts, so maybe thats helping, but still. if ive finally getting the big bets out during massive counts that will put me over 100% but im not sure if ive correctly figured out the shuffle point but can only go with the most logical explanation i have. i do know its reshuffling every 208 cards and i am also tracking that. someone else told me theres a machine in AZ where u can actually see the shuffle, but they didnt know the rules or paybacks or how deep into the deck. would be curious to look at it.

and ive also been told the pioneer has these machines but there the dealer hits soft 17. and they are supposedly just as generous about giving out rooms and maybe higher cashback rate. But i was told they never send out mailers. the pioneer didnt have them a year ago, so it must be new.

anyway i feel like a big loss is just around the corner. overall im up close to $3000 on VBJ machines since i came to laughlin. am up $2600 overall, but ive had some BAD days at poker meaning ive won over $3000 on vbj in less than 2 weeks. for example, saturday night. i lost $300 on poker at the golden nugget in the afternoon. won it all back on the VBJ plus a little besides. then saturday nite between riverside and harrahs $2-5 (and ive got to stop playing shorthanded im doing awful) i lost about $200 some of it on a VP machine. and before i went to sleep, id gotten it all back on VBJ. and then last nite at the nugget i lost $160 between VP machines and table poker too shorthanded. and again i got it all back and a couple hundred more on VBJ. i should be out about $600-700 for the last 2 days instead of winning. its unbelievable how im hitting up that machine.

sickcallmggee came over after the game and coached me shorthanded poker on my laptop and i couldnt believe how aggressive he was and how often people would actually let him steal. but it was 2c4c NL but he claims it would also work in this live game.

and heres the hand tonite at the golden nugget. id just given back $56 in poker winnings and was about to quit the game around even since it had just went to 3 people from 5. and i got this hand on the button. had a3 offsuit and sickcallmggee says always raise the button 3 handed no matter what. i raised, they both call. flop comes a97. i bet $5 he bets $15, other guy folds i call. turn comes J. he checks, i check. river comes 3 putting a 3rd backdoor heart on the board. he overbets the pot with $55 and i finally called.

1. i know he thinks i fold too much. 2. i knew he would bet an ace with big kicker thinking hes good. 3. i put him on the ace not the flush draw. him reraising the flop, then checking turn, told me the flop raise wasnt a bluff. so i finally call and my read was mostly right about the ace, but he also hit the flush with his AQ and he wouldve bet without the flush, we sat and discussed the hand later while eating at the deli. he didnt find fault with my play too much but small differences.

yeah i need to get out of laughlin, the poker just sucks too bad here. get out now before i lose a ton back on the VBJ. $6600 will be plenty to get restarted with in vegas downtown, especially with the $300 still coming my way at binions for march. i have about 14 days worth free at binions with the comps i left town with. actually the poker on the east coast would be better but i cant get a train there without first getting my money in vegas i get this month..

im just glad im so much better off than when i came $6600 is so much more relaxing to play with with a little cushion if i drop $200-300 2 or 3 times in a row at poker first. should be more than enough to get started with in vegas for someone whose played as long as me, and is more of a roll than most people come to vegas and get started with.

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