Monday, March 12, 2012

finally waking up at a better time for laughlin that is

waking up with only $4900 though, so i really need to get out of here, no matter how nice it is to live cheaply and not have to move rooms, and go somewhere where i can play poker 24/7 like vegas. id still like to go out east but it looks like id have to take a plane, and i didnt want to pay over $208 either. the bus would just be too much of a pain in the ass.

i ended up betting too much on the VBJ once i got stuck in a desperate attempt to get even shouldve done what scmg told me to and limited the bet to $60. yeah i had 6 bets of $100 out (with double downs and lost) trying to recover the loss of about $500. so i was out $1100+ yesterday. and if anyone knows who herschel w is, ive heard some good things about the poker room in jacksonville.

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