Thursday, March 22, 2012

gotta make this quick, vince will be here soon, he might even come before i get this posted

vince said hed be downtown sometime soon this afternoon, have some mail and some free play to pickup.

and i just left the nugget with $25 profit, and at one point i had $130 profit. still however, i do not feel like i played the following hand bad.

there was a beautiful young girl from denver in the game who i think has done a lot of traveling, to places like LA and florida and plays in blackhawk. she must be taken because shes always referring to herself as "we" although i didnt see any guy in the poker room with her. really reminds me of Britni, looks a lot like her. seems to be a very good player, moved just to get position on a guy away from the table who was very loose who never came back by the way, and didnt play anything but blinds her first 2 orbits.

anyway on the following hand, i have KT diamonds and call $2. someone raises a small amount, cannot remember how much and about 4 or 5 of us call. most likely $10 or $7. flop comes JQ3 with 2 diamonds. i check, one older lady bets who was a new player, the girl calls, and maybe one other player but probably not. i then shove allin, and the older lady drops, (who has me covered) and the girl (who was shortstacking with $100) calls. she has AQ. and i missed all 15-17 of my outs.

but i feel like i played it right. for one, its possible everyone couldve folded and i couldve taken down a sizeable pot without a fight. two, even if im called im still close to 50-50 to win the hand. three, i might even get 3 way action. and the most important thing is this, if i do not reraise allin, i might be priced off the hand on the turn if it misses. or i might hit the turn and get no action which i wouldve got on the flop before any scare cards come. so how could i have played it wrong? sometimes u just have to get ur money in and pray.

left a few minutes later on my BB with still a small win.

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